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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


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well I'm sorry you are having problems with your memory card, but thank you for providing all those links, I've bookmarked 5 of them and can't wait to go back and see more of their lovely blogs!

Jacky S

Those links look great,Alexa....many thanks.
I have a lot of trouble with my memory as well.....but as for memory cards....re-formating them can sometimes cure a memory error.....sadly it doesn't work on people.


Hi Jacky! Alas, the re-formatting route didn't work either - but gosh, yes, what a great idea, reformatting one's own memory!


LOL at the idea of memory card error of your own Alexa! That's just how I feel most of the time!! Great links, thanks.


I hope your day improves Alexa. Thank you for much for the links you know I'm a sucker for any type of bloom and those paper ones at A Little Hut are just lovely. Why haven't I found her before I'm going to be following from now on.


Technology can be so annoying when it goes wrong. Thanks for those links - particulary love those fabric covered eggs. I have fabric and I have plastic eggs so may give it a whirl.


Congrats, Miriam :) Commiserations, Alexa :( And I think Himself said to get yourself something nice and he'd pay.... Didn't he?! ;)


Sorry about the memory card problems - hope you managed to download all your photos. Thanks for those fabulous links.


Oer! Sorry to hear about the memory card and I hope you work out the best way to resolve the issue soon. But, hey, links are always good too :)


Thansk for the links Alexa - so sorry about the memory card - don't you just hate technology sometimes? Off to oinvestigate your links now Thanks again J x

Karen W

Wouldn't reformatting our memories be wonderful . . . or maybe not so much. I guess it depends! I've never had a problem with a memory card; guess that's lucky. Those kinds of things are so frustrating!


I hate error messages of all kinds! But this sounds pretty terminal, hope you had all your pictures downloaded onto your computer before it decided to pack up. Thanks for all the links, some interesting places I've never found before.


Bummer about the memory card! Thanks for the fun shares! Those doodle easter eggs are fab! Now if I had time...

sandra de

Hope your weekend gets better ... technology is great until it diiiies.


What a lovely surprise Alexa, thank you. I thought your post was so funny! and I love Jacky's idea of re-formatting my memory.
Happy Easter to you Alexa.

Valerie Serfozo

Hi Alexa. I come here as a fellow student in the BB4S class. What an amazing blog post, with awesome links. I really enjoyed following them! Makes me want to come back for more.

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