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Monday, 04 April 2011


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I am utterly lost with the first paragraph, the truth is, those numbers and instructions could be referencing how to mix drench or some sort of chemical concoction ... however, Scrapping Through It sounds fine to me!


I am a infrequent knitter but that book looks facinating. I'm with Amy on the Scrapping Through It, though.

Paul B

It may be an excuse but my cack handedness meant I found it all too confusing to learn (as I've mentioned before I struggled to watch and copy how to tie shoe laces let alone the intricacies of knitting) But I marvel at those who can crochet and knit. Think I'll stick with sewing and papercrafts. Maybe YOU could write the book "scrapping though it" in your spare time (I can hear you balk at the very idea of having "spare time" lol) Px

Jacky S

Love the sound of this book,Alexa.....though I'm not a great knitter either.....though my mother was....you know,one of those knitters who can knit fair isle without ever looking at the needles....knitting requires total concentration for me....and even then it's fairly basic.


I was wondering what the photo in the bottom right hand corner was of.....knitting on stilts, really? I'm a basic knitter and normally check out the instructions before I decide to knit something and if there are double pointed or cable needles involved then forget it! That does look a very interesting book though and strangely enough my Dad was taught to knit at school, is that a school in the photograph?


Yes "scrapping through it" sounds much more my style. I do like to knit but only very simple stuff.


Yes, indeed it is a man on stilts, kintting, Amanda! His name was Sylvain Dornon, and the photo was taken in 1893. The 'school' photo is an evening class in New York, in 1910. Glad to hear your Dad was taught to knit - wonderful!


I Really like the sound of this one - I've been knitting much longer than I've been scrapping!


Oh Alexa, what a wonderful book!! I have to say I feel just like picking up my stilts and going on a sole walking tour today. Your post has, however, made me a little more relaxed, thank you :)


I'm the daughter of a skilled knitter ... so I never bothered! Much easier to ask her to make me something, but I did learn to crochet from her mother.


I think that's what happened to me too, Jemma - why bother! But it does mean I can't pass it on to my own daughter though ...


Oh Helen, hoping you find a view from higher up where you're not in the thick of it! If I could send you a cup of tea, I would. :)


I think "Scrapping Through It" is waiting for you to write it! That can be your first book of new literary career. I'm sure we'd all buy it!


My mother is a awesome knitter...and I am glad to say she taught me. I haven't knitted in 19 years but maybe its time to give it a go again. Hopefully its like riding a bike :)

And on Scrapping Trough It...it truely is a great idea. 9 years ago when I lost my son I did just that...I scrapped my way through all his photos...it made me cry and it made me laugh and smile...and it helped to no end deal with such enormous loss.
Great post...thanks :)


I came across a wonderful book "Knit your Own Royal Wedding" which had a whole knitted Royal family, including the queen and bride in a tiara. It tickled me pink!


Knitting, cross stiching, and crocheting are all things I tried in my 20's but they never stuck. I have half finished projects that sometimes i think i would like to go back to, but i think my problem is the lack of patience. At least with scrapbooking or art journaling, at the very most i have it completed in a couple days. Ha! I think I just discovered I like instant gratification!!


It's years since I knit anything to wear, the occasional flower for a scrapbook page is about it at the moment! Very funny post though. Knitting through it, Scrapping through it, Perfect x


Scrapping through it would be much more relevant to me! I have no clue whatsoever about knitting :-)

Karen W

I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to knitting instructions. I can do a straight knit/knit & purl, and that's it! Let's get onto Scrapping Through It!

Lois Houston

I spent a good deal of time knitting last year - I'm not a natural knitter, either, but it was very comforting to me as I was going through some major changes in my life after my surgery. Since I've "leveled off" (so to speak) after the surgery, my need to knit is not so great, but I find when I'm stressed and can't find any solace elsewhere, knitting does it for me. I may never create a masterpiece (I'm good at washcloths, that's about it) but it is a great way to bring me back down to earth after a rough day.
HOWEVER, Scrapping Through It sounds like a TERRIFIC idea!!! When are you going to start writing it? ;-)

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