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Friday, 29 April 2011


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Jacky S

Love the way you've backed it,Alexa....it works so well. Still hoping to have a go myself!

jo sowerby

LOVE THIS lo, IT'S SO YOU. Hope ur enjoying the royal event. I am looking forward to the edited highlights too,
Jo xxxx

Jennie Hart

Thanks again for this Alexa, I will have a play with this and let you know how I get on! I love yours, and you look great in the photo.x Jen


I'm all printed out and ready to give this a go, thank you Alexa :)


Thanks..these are great!!!

Carola Bartz

I love your page, Alexa. Clean and simple - my style. I still do scrapbooking the "old" way, if I do it at all. But when I do, I enjoy it (I used to scrapbook a lot more than I do today).

Paul B

Beautiful Layout - love the flourishey font you use in the title Px


Gosh you are such a clever lady Alexa, this is a great layout and you are extremely generous to offer it for us all to enjoy :-)

That header shot is one of my favourites thus far - I feel as though I am walking into a wonderland!

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