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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


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Marleen van Meerendonk

A lot of creativity is going on, thanks for sharing!!
Happy Wednesday;-)

Caroline Hallett

ooh what jolly lovely little rollers they are. thanks for sharing - happy WOYWW


I love the home made stamp ... SO creative - who needs Hobbycraft!


You are at (IMHO) the best part of the book! Enjoy! :)

Jacky S

Love the look of those rollers....can see many uses for them.


the creative time and space book looks interesting
Thank you for sharing with me on WOYWW

Vicky #88 30.3.2011


The book looks tempting.


Brilliant idea to make your own stamps. I can't believe you managed a "quick" trip to Hobbycraft!!!!!
Thanks for aharing
Rebecca (41)

Paul B

Not seen those rollers before - they look fascinating. Looking forward to seeing what arty creations you'll produce with them :) Px

jo sowerby

wish i'd had something like this on my desk today. primarily i have notes from clients visits and paperwork in a pile to write and then duplicate elsewhere, oh the joys og the nhs,
Jo xxxx

Carola Bartz

These roller things look very interesting and how great that you created your own stamp, even if it is so sticky!


Oh I might have to see if I can find some of those rollers, they look very interesting :)


An interesting assortment of fun!


Interesting rollers. What are you going to make with them? looking forward to seeing the finished project. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83


These look intriguing! Can't wait to see finished article!


The rollers are cool, Alexa - I suppose they're designed for clay or something, but to use them for painting is a great idea! I love your home-made stamp too - I make my own, but carve them from soft lino; this is far more creative!

I always find some inspiration and something a bit unusual when I visit your blog!


Hi Alexa, interested to see what you use those rollers for. Lovely blog here and some truly stunning photos - I've had a mooch :) Kindred spirits in some ways as my OH's son, German wife and their darling littlies live in Germany too. Di xx

The Crafty Elf

Wow! That opening picture and the words - just stunning. I had goosebumps, thank you! Those little rollers are very interesting...very creative! TFS


The post above this one is fab! And the writing with it even better! The rollers on your desk look like little pasta rollers. Very interesting. How do you use them in your work? Happy belated WOYWW.

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