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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


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Oh my, Alexa, I am laughing away right now. Thanks for sharing this!!!


Sounds EXACTLY how I have been at crops when I used to go!

Paul B

Haha I can relate to the "Resolve to get really organised – next time!" part. I never know what to bring which is mostly because I haven't planned a project out. Back at home it's easy because everything's on hand. After a day at a crop with nothing done I always promise myself that I'll be better prepared next time. Still it's always good to meet up with friends with or without a project in tow :) Px

Julie Kirk

Oh so you've seen me prepare for the crop have you? Where've you been hiding? My favourite time was when I had crammed so much in one bag it tipped over on the way there. I scooped eveything back up ... or so I thought. I had pens, glue, acrylic blocks etc ... but my lunch was still in the back of J's van! I think I ate cake and crisps that day instead! :-)


LOL - perfect description of my sort of preparations too. I think I'll use this as inspiration for today's BFS list of 5 ...


lol! I've never actually been to a crop - now I know who to refer to when I finally get round to it. I am also quite sure that listening to your chat would be just as much fun as watching you create one of your beautiful pages.


Hi, that's so well written and funny, you made me smile. Enjoy the crop! Rach xxx


He he, brilliant post!

Sheilagh White

That is just me getting ready for a crop, I always say it will be different next time, but it never is..


Well the people in the waiting room at my doctors office were certainly staring at me while I LOL at this post! Thanks for making me laugh:)


Pretty much describes my normal crop preparation to a tee! And so well played Alexa! I have - on one or two occasions - actually been prepared in advance and come home with completed pages - definitely not the norm!


LOL - sounds familiar! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday x

Jacky S

Well you've certainly brought a smile to my face.....though that should probably be a grimace at the memories!!


Oh dear - I've been there, and got the t-shirt to prove it! Yes, I've done this kind of "preparation" before too.
Enjoy your day - I suggest you definitely pack tonight; idea, look up the photos on your computer and write down a description of favourites for two layouts, with their intended measurements. Then find a few bits of paper that will suit those photos, then the rest of the stash you might need for those two pages. Then even if you haven't got your pictures yet (hmm...I'm waiting to see if mine arrive in time too!), you have some chance of making a start on a page (or two!), with space for the photos when they do arrive. I did that once - it really did work! Of course, if you have a laptop, you could take it along - you'd have the photos there in front of you for inspiration - or there's always digi scrapping if you get really stuck!

This Saturday though, I must be prepared - because I'm teaching a workshop for children - making Sock Pets! I've just had a "lunch break" and it's now time I got back to my "Preparations"!

The Crafty Elf

Too funny! TFS

Stephanie Medley-Rath

What a fun post! Found you through BFS.


I've never been to a crop either but this sounds like me ALL the time x Such a funny post x


LOL :)


Brilliant! I've never actually been to a crop, but when I do, this is almost certainly how I'll do it. Either that or I'll be ultra-organised. It could go either way, to be honest....


We are related! I crop EXACTLY that way. I went to a crop this weekend and now I need to go unpack the bag and put it up. I did get 2 tags made! YAY! Progress!
Sorry I am so late making it around but last week was very busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

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