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Wednesday, 02 March 2011


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You look as though you are being very productive at the moment Alexa, I still can't see for the dust!


Alexa you are an absolute STAR. You read my mind this is what I have been trying to do over the past few days! All I need to learn to do now is how I put the photos into the relevant boxes. Many many thanks Andie xx

Account Deleted

Thanks for sharing the psd's. But that desk is scary clean!


I have finally got to the point of being able to use a template! At least, I understand the theory, and it would be a lot less messy than what I usually do..


Alexa - thanks so much for the psd files! Now can you tell me how you were able to provide a direct download link on your blog? I tried several different services and couldn't get anything to work when I wanted to share my Best of Days template (43mb) - maybe it is just blogger.

caroline hallett

very tidy desk... did you tidy up before we got here...


so organised! I'm always working in a mess, but I still always know where things are, so I'm good! lol Have a great day!


Thanks for sharing. My January pages are still on my desktop and I haven't started the February ones. Guess I'd best get going, so this projects doesn't fail before it ever starts!


Very neat and organized desk.

Ohhh Snap

Looks like a great project! I've been hovering around hybrid, it's intriguing, but for now I'm mostly old skool paper :D. TFS! #157

Julia Dunnit

How clever - hybrid is double scarey for me - two lots of thinking and that's jsut for a start! How generous of you to share.

diana forsyth

Wow, just what I was looking for - something simple and yet so welcoming.

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