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Monday, 14 March 2011


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A great philosophy - after all life is for living right - and the MITs will simply be replaced with the next ones down!

Jacky S

I love the idea of 'fitting work and other tasks' around creative activity....rather than the other way round, which is what most of us do.....most of the time!


"Get Everything Done" - that's a stirring thought for a Monday morning! I like it.

Paul B

Love your New52 - I've read two of the three books you show in the photo. David Allen is superb. I use his system more than anyone elses & i'm always asking myself what the next action is. Px

Karen W

Your creative wisdom is far superior to the conventional wisdom. Much easier to achieve in retirement than it was when working full time! I must look up David Allen since your last recommendation (Francine Joy) has proven to be quite a wonderful stimulus.


I like that creative wisdom!


Love that creative wisdom!!
'Fit other tasks around it' - PERFECT!


Creative Wisdom RULES! And despite what google might have to say about "go with the flow" I see it as more of a freedom to go where life leads you at any given moment without the constraints of rules/conventions/supposed "have tos" holding you back. I see it as bucking the system and being free. So google's interpretation must be the conventional wisdom talking.


Love that quote from Alice in Wonderland. A nice reminder I needed...

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