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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


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The 'How to Clutter Your House' article is very funny and more than true! I could quite happily live over with Me and Alice though - ooh, that is simply divine!

Paul B

Wonderful links! I've downloaded the creativity bootcamp and photography ebooks to read through. Just need to find the time lol but isn't that everyone's cry these days :) Px


Loved "How to Clutter your House" - and read loads more on Karen/Kevin's blog - very funny TFS.
Glad that you have a wind-free shaded spot to create in with DD - fingerless gloves might be a useful Christmas present if we get snow again next winter?!


great links Alexa. I'm thinking if you put the how to clutter tips into play in the Tumbleweed House, you could have a totally unlivable space in a matter of hours!


I love Me and Alice - it's been a favourite of mine for a while. I might have guessed that you would love it too :)

Jacky S

I loved the 'Making this Home'....and definately recognised the 'keep everything in case you need it in a year or two'.....but the problem is.....when I do get rid of things....I always DO need them a few months later!!!!!


Wow, thanks for those links! I've just been happily distracted for some while as I followed each of them and found so much to interest, amuse, entertain and inspire me :-)


I like the idea of good old fashioned pen and paper. And the links - are wonderful. Thank-you!


So many great links Alexa!! I almost completely forgot about Creative Bootcamp, so now I have the widget posted so I won't forget. I especially like the print and pattern blog, so many pretties!

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