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Thursday, 31 March 2011


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My goodness, this is beautiful :-) I am glad you let things sit for a while, I think you have touched on a fragility we all have to deal with.

Jacky S

An extremely moving piece of writing, Alexa.....brought out by such a simple photo.....we never know which photos are going to turn out to be the most meaningful.

Paul B

Your creative talent never ceases to have me in awe. Every page is flawlessly beautiful. And this is no exception. The photo, the journaling, the design. And such a poignant page this is. I've thought exactly the same sentiment but I could never have expressed it as touchingly as you have. Px


Oh Alexa!


Alexa this is truly beautiful x


Beautiful Alexa.


I was having lunch with a friend today and we were talking about this very subject. Very moving.

Julie Kirk

Eloquent, direct and brave. Wonderful words. x


Oh Alexa, this is beautiful! And that's all I can manage to say right now xx


It's a touching photo before you even get to your wonderful words. Beautiful.


Everything about this is beautiful - the words, the photos, the sentiments conveyed. Thank you for sharing.


Such a lovely photo and your journaling hits the spot of where I am in my life with my elderley parents and I am thinking the same as I watch them getting weaker and more dependant on me and my Sister. You have such a brilliant way with words Alexa that touch the soul.


It feels like you wrote that just for me on a day when (if not exactly elderly) I was definitely feeling a bit frail. Think its part of being human isn't it?


This is absolutely beautiful. How you've created this image..and the words accompanying. Just beautiful!


This is so touching. the words, the photos the emotions it stirs. what a gift for words you have. just wonderful


Wow Alexa! This is quietly stunning in so many ways. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you here. And having you say my post was good journaling is now even higher praise since I've read yours.
I've subscribed!

Carola Bartz

Alexa, yes I agree, it's the photo that can awake certain feelings in oneself. I feel so myself. Your page is so beautiful - simple and clean and just stunning. The way you set up the photo reminds me of the circle openings in Chinese or Japanese gardens which have always intrigued me.


Alexa this is one of my favourite pages of yours. My parents recently sold their house and it was tough for them, but also tough on us children. They have moved into another stage of their life, but you are so right, we are there behind them. thanks for such a moving post :)


And glad that it resonated for you ... Thank-you for your comment, because it reminds me that I am not the only one journeying with parents. :)

Karen W

A beautiful photograph, and incredibly touching journaling.

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