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Wednesday, 09 March 2011


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Karen Moss

What a lovely post Alexa. I am a totally messy scrapper to the extent that I can start on the dining room table (my scrap area) progress to the floor, make my way into the kitchen (which is connected to the dining room)and by the end have all the kitchen work surfaces in use. I so envy tidy people who can pack away in a few minutes and not have half an hour at the end to sort themselves out.

Love Mr Bear.

Jacky S

Love your page,Alexa.....so clean and simple....and the colours work so well.
Although my 'desk' is a complete mess when I'm scrapbooking [or anything else come to that!!!].....I always enjoy seeing how clear and tidy yours is.

Paul B

Such a beautiful double layout Alexa. Simply stunning. Love your use of colours in the journaling blocks on the LHS. And what a brilliant idea for a pocket to hold memorabilia. Wish i'd thought of that for my Paris LOs. I may have to add another page now :) Your flair for design is exceptional. Px


My desk is often in a similar state to yours - you are not alone!

Well Happy Birthday for the special day in February, and, WOW, your kitchen looks sensational from that glimpse ..... tell me it does end? :-)


Well done on your 100 posts! Love your layout - and how up to date you are - Feb 2011!!

Sarah (Sasa)

Well done! on to the next 100... Love the colours in your album - great idea too.

Sarah or Sasa at 4


Congrats on the 100 - I envy your lovely neat tidy space and long (in a way) to be tidier but I am messy and even if I tidy it would still probably look messy. Love your page what a great way to document the month


Yippee, 100 posts! It feels like a real milestone to reach that magic century. I think it feels that you're a "real blogger" now!
The February pages are so lovely. I really like the simple structure of the layout and the colour choices are gorgeous. The striped paper pocket is a clever idea and it's a wonderful choice of paper - it goes so well with the photographic elements.
I see a Certain Teddy Bear in the bottom corner - so sweet. And is that a view of your newly completed kitchen/diner? Such lovely sunshine through the French Window.
I'm glad I started coming to visit your blog, Alexa. It's lovely here.
(and by the way, my own desk is amazingly tidy just now - see yesterday's blog post for why!)

Account Deleted

Congrats on 100. Great recap page; and of course, the bear would have to be there!


Many, many congratulations on one hundred posts - and here's to many many more to come! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun?

I just love that capacious pocket on there - stuffed with good things, I bet!


Very clean and graphic as always Alexa, I like the fresh colours that hint of Spring maybe, sounds like you have had a busy month and congratulations on reacing you 100th post


Congratulations on your 100th post! And I have to say... I'm still loving this template action. I don't do any type of 365 Project, but may try this for Week in the Life or next time I vacation! :)


Congratulations on your 100th post :) Your pages are gorgeous, they colours work so well together they are lovely :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #92

Mary Anne

100 posts! Well done. Love the layout as well -- yours are always so graphically eye-pleasing. I think I have some of that paper...KI memories? I hoard my stripey KI papers they are so perfect for so many things!

Mary Anne


Congratulations on 100 posts Alexa, I love how your book is turning out, as always just so gorgeous!


Its nice to see some pictures of you. You look like you have had an eventful month. Love the LO as usual. Andie xx


Happy 100th! :-) Love your layouts, and I'm awe of your tidiness. I should be tidying up right now, but I accidentally switched the computer on instead....


Alexa, happy birthday, firstly - how did that one pass me by? Happy 100th post too - I have enjoyed every single one of them and learnt something from more than a fair few of them so that's got to be good hasn't it?!


Great layout! I really like the striped pocket.


Congrats on your hundred posts! Isn't blogland wonderful? Shaz #118


Happy 100th Post!
Have a great Day
Rebecca (#42)

caroline hallett

Congratulations on your 100th post - and that is a very tidy desk you have there!


Great layout. Looks like your scrapbook is going to be awesome! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

Karen W

This is coming along beautifully. What a wonderful album you'll have at year's end. It's so inspiring.

Carola Bartz

This is such a beautiful idea to journal about your month. What a great piece of memory you will have at the end of the year. Do you do this every year?
Congratulations on your 100th post!


If anything could entice me into digi or hybrid scrapping it would be this! Absolutely stunning .... I was blown away.


Oh thank-you, Rosie! Tt's really easy ...


Glad you like it! :) No, it's the first year I've done this. Bit of an experiment but so far, I'm really liking it. Love the simplicity.


Thank-you, Helen - that's lovely of you. Everything I know I learnt from others too!


100 posts.....really? Good job! I love how up to date you are on your scrapping! Thanks for sharing~!

Sue H

What a fab way of remembering all those important moments throughout the year.
I love the way you have laid it all out.

Thanks for sharing and ………..

Happy Crafting!


I love this project you are doing this year, so clean and fresh, makes my 52 pages look very grungy and messy, which they are lol I dont do clean hahaha

I made flori and Viktor ages ago, these first 2 posts tell you all about them



That's gorgeous, nice and clean and simple. Hope you manage to keep it up for the year and looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Wow love the layout you are doing so clean and tidy love it - visiting late this week ~ Nicky 2 :)


Thanks for dropping by my blog last week! I really appreciated your comments.

Congrats on your 100th post! Go you! I wish you all the very best for the next 100 and the 100 beyond that.

This layout looks so great - I always admire these kind of clean lines, blocked photos and lots of white space - I can't do it but I always adore it when I see it. Looks gorgeous and I love the photo of the snowdrops - so pretty

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