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Monday, 28 March 2011


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Karen W

Stunningly beautiful photograph, and thoughtful musings, too.


He, Himself, takes a mighty fine photo, I may have even dared suggest it was blog header worthy .... but it does lack the splash of yellow which sits beautifully atop the ship now!


Love the photo, and love the thought that trees communicate. how cool.


Wow - on both counts - tree photo and tree facts... The reflections in the photo are gorgeous. To think that trees communicate and network is just wonderful.
Great post Alexa - made me smile - and think also.


Great shot - wonderful conversation - cool connections.

Paul B

Beautiful photograph and an uplifting thought to start the week off :) x


I did consider it as a blog header, Amy, but couldn't get it to work because of the proportions, alas - either got the top or the refections or the whole lot in a rectangle which wasn't wide enough. But if I completely redesign my blog header, it's high on the list of possible candidates!

Jacky S

Really like the new blog header,Alexa.....perfect for the time of year.....and love the thought of trees communicting.


Beautiful header and photograph Alexa. I've been working on a layout with a picture of TSO stuck in a copy of "How Things Work" magazine so this made me smile today.


Absolutely fabulous photo of the trees and I really love the new blog header, perfect for spring. Trees communicating, now that is a wonderful thought and will stay with me x


Lovely photo and post. That is too cool - all the more reason to love TREES!

Carola Bartz

I iamgine the trees blogging away happily and spending time on facebook - the tree-version of course!
Stunning photo - I absolutely love this!
Thank you for visiting my blog - I'm going to look around here a little bit!


Love the image..and the metaphors between trees and what ties us creatively. Wonderful!


I love learning that about trees! Thank Himself for sharing and tell him his photo isquite beautiful! Oh, also wanted to let you know your blog link in your BFS sig isn't working for me.


Gorgeous photo! And I'm so happy to be tied to you by those fungal threads... ;-)


what a lovely photo and a lovely snippet of information about their communication. i adore trees, totally love taking photos of them - this post makes me happy!

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