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Friday, 25 March 2011


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so clean, so graphic, love it!


I am looking forward to seeing the new header when it makes its debut. I think the white space makes the world of difference, the page is very appealing!


Love the white space - love the colour popping pages too.


Ah, now, there's simple..and then there's simply perfect :)

Lois Houston

I like the 12x12 with the extra white space the best, but I just LOVE the way you put the layout together - the colors, everything. Beautiful!


You just sold me on the idea of white space!


I like the white space. I prefer the page to be square - the rectangular version looks un-balanced.
I do love the whole structure of that layout - it's colourful, beautiful and has so much impact - wonderful!

Paul B

Brilliant - love the use of a rainbow of colour in your layout! Px

Jacky S

Surprisingly for me.....I do prefer the white space....it all looks far more balanced.....and although I could never do it myself.....I love the graphic clarity of your pages.
And I do hope you're not being premature with changing the blog header!!!!!


So beautiful, I love the square page. I am trying to make my current project on 8x8 pages and really struggling. I think I need to make them double page LO's then I'll get the less is more I'm looking for. You are such an inspiration to me x thanks x


Love the layout and I think I prefer the 12 x 12. Also, the photo placement (with the larger one in the middle) is perfect:)


Oh Alexa, this is beautiful - the journaling brought a tear to my eye! And I'm in the 'white space' camp, definitely :)

Hannah Mullens

Wow, yes the white space does make a lot of difference doesn't it. I prefer the one with more white space. Love your simple, graphic page, such a great way to tell a story :)

Hannah :)

Karen W

I love the way you've done the journaling in different colors. Your graphic layouts are so pleasing!

Kirsty Neale

Aunts know this, too!

Beautiful, clean layout - completely love it - and I definitely think it's a case of more is more when it comes to white space.


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