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Friday, 11 March 2011


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Jacky S

It looks delightful,Alexa....and such a lovely view of the garden....so pleased [after all the building traumas] that you are finally 'nearly there'......and it looks perfect for some crafting activities.Surely there are some items that could be removed from the cupboards to make some room....'non essential' items like saucepans, cutlery etc!!!!!!!!

Paul B

Good to see you're heading nearer and nearer to completion. Looks very light and airy. I'd be itching to use the space for being creative too. Or just for quiet contemplation, meditation and daydreaming. Have a wonderful weekend Pxx


Oh, it's just beautiful Alexa! It looks like a lovely place to take photos from; and after all the stress, it looks incredibly peaceful.


Wow looks great, fresh and crisp and clean and light. I'd say you'd definitely want to be able to play with crafty things there (if allowed).


It looks so clean and new and inviting. And aren't you just breathing easier knowing you are almost there!? Three years after the fact, I can't imagine not having done our kitchen and I'm glad for every bit of the inconvenience we suffered for what we have now!


Your home is stunning. I'm moving in ;) You're a very lucky lady to be able to live here xx


So good to 'hear' you say the words 'nearly there'! It is looking beautiful! Here's to the champagne when your parents move in!


Hooray, hooray! So glad you're nearly there :-) And it looks great! xx


Wow, it looks lovely Alexa - I especially like the glazed canopy! Hopefully you can soon put all the stress behind you :) x


Yippee - "Nearly There" is a great phrase! I love how you've called your photo page "Nearly Nearly There" though - funny!
It looks beautiful and so nearly finished that I can't see anything left to be done (?). I love the skylight, it's gorgeous.
You could try a wheelie drawer unit for craft supplies? Then you can wheel it round the house, to wherever you want to work...


It looks lovely and the table looks just the right size for a crop ;-) xx Andie


Hello from sunny Italy!
What a lovely light filled post to catch up with - so glad that you are nearly there!


I've always thought a sky light in my kitchen would be a lovely idea and your canopy just makes it that much more enticing! From what I can see of your backyard, I would think this spot would be perfect for looking at the garden and I'm sure Gladys doesn't mind the view as well!

Karen W

It's just beautiful, Alexa. I love the white cabinets and the view of the garden is wonderful. I can just imagine sitting and sipping some tea and looking out at the lovely gardens.


Alexa, thank you for pointing this post out to me - somehow I missed it! Yes, you are combining the old with the new beautifully - I feel a lot better now, and, I am so pleased that you are nearing the end of the journey. We are still a very long way off, I think most of the structural and builders work will be finished shortly after easter, but painting and finshing off will take a lot longer!

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