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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


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Karen Moss

Fabulous doodling and stamping Alexa, lovely bright colours.


I love that doodling! It's great how you have made a page border with it and left a gorgeous white space for something exciting! The new journal is exciting too... that cover could be a stamped and doodled masterpiece... the pocket is just right for the doodled page you already made...
And of course you won't "mess up" the first page - just do some more of that fabby doodling and it will be wonderful to behold!

Jude Armstrong

Love the doodles and the new journal cant wait o see what you have planned.Happy wednesday
hugs judex22


Ooooo......is it going to be a writing journal or an art journal or a mixture of both. Love your doodling it would make very pretty notepaper.

Scrapcat 1

what fab doodling, not being a notebook lover I can't get excited over a pocket but you squeal away, thanks for sharing

Paul B

Your doodled page is amazing and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Oh to have an ounce of your skill and talent. You make it look so effortless. I know what you mean about journals. I have a habit of finding myself in shops buying them before I realise it. I have loads of them back home which I don't want to use because i fear I may spoil them. Maybe I could make that a New52 project, to break open one of my journals and use it. Eek! Breaking out in a sweat!!!! Px


Love your doodling.


Pretty doodling! Nice on the pocket! :)


Hi ya
cant beat a good colouring session with ya pencils,great doodling, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (31)


Yes, I'm squealing - what could possibly be nicer than a new notebook with a pocket in it? (Unless it's a notebook with some lovely doodling in it)

Mad Morti

I love your clean style of working and scrapbooking - gorgeous work. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


I absolutely ADORE journals! Have fun with yours - and doodle in it! Your doodles are fab!


Love love love your doodling!
On the notebook front - do as I do - start at the back, it's much less intimidating, LOL!


Agree with those sentiments, 100%. I 'insist' on my diary being one of those Moleskein ones because it also has a perfectly expandable little pocket inside the back cover. Keep up the doodling, it's too cute for words and - if I'm guessing right - is just your style! (?)

Brenda B

Beautiful doodling! Had to laugh at the tile story below too, what a pain!!

Brenda 100


Well..1 creative person and 1 who likes to watch!! Love the doodling its even better in real life. x

Julia Dunnit

Oh yeah, I did the squeal! I can't journal to save my life, it all gets a bit self conscious and contrived. But I can doodle. Although if you were doodling to that skill level as a ten year old, perhaps I can't doodle after all!!


I thought the doodled page was a printed one! You'll have to keep us updated on the new notebook/journal so we can keep tabs on you.
JoZarty x


Gorgeous doodling.


Andria Simpson

I've always had a love of stationery since i was a little girl, i love getting new notebooks, note pads etc, so I share your excitement :) . Happy WOYWW.
Andria - 23


I do love a new notebook and your great doodling! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sue #21


WOO HOO! A nice new journal with a pocket! Love the doodling!
Vickie #30


Doodle away lady, notebooks and paper are meant to be used - say one who has an ample stock of extras of each. I have no willpower in a stationery store either.


I'm a sucker for the stationery department too! Have fun with your journal, xx


Omigoodness, a new journal! What bliss ... don't be afraid to begin, just pick a page, any page, start in the middle if you like, and write one word. Everything flows from that place. Thank you for your comment on my blog - the words of fellow travellers are very important to me.


Great book - Ive always had a thing for stationary I think thats why I like to craft it a natural extension of my pencil case at school lol ~ Nicky no.6

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