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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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Sounds like he has found his way home :-)


Oh, what a wonderful story. I'm so glad your mom is going to keep him a while!!! Hope you can get a photo of her tidying him up tomorrow.


Such a lovely story, I hope your Mom enjoys having him around:) I still have my bear that my Nan bought before I was born, she saw him sat on a teapot in a shop window and couldn't leave him there looking sad.


What a lovely story I am sure your Mum will enjoy him. It reminds me of Aimee and her 'doggy' x Andie

Jacky S

Such a poignant story,Alexa....I think there would be a few of your mum's age with a similar tale to tell.....I think that bear has found his home.

Julie Kirk

Reading through tears! Thank you Alexa - it reminded me so much of my late Grandma who I miss very much. Teddy has found a good home. x


Heart-breaking Alexa.


Oh, Alexa, so touching. Writing through tears. Do snatch a photo of your Mum tidying him up.


awwww...so sweet! Great post and a wonderful new companion. Happy woyww!


Hi Hun
aww a gorgeous teddy, a very beautiful post that bought tears to me eyes!!! grabbin a tissue quickly now as im spose to be workin! lol, It was ment to be some things just are,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)


Love your new friend :-)
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Good luck.
A x


Oh I do hope she will keep him now......has he got a name yet?


What a lovely, lovely story. I'm so glad the bear found the perfect home (if I'd been there I wouldn't have been able to leave him there either!) Funny, my mum was the same: she did have a couple of dolls and I think she spent a lot of time sewing for them; but she had no teddy and now at 79 she has found a few she loves.


Your story makes me want to run right out and buy your Mum a couple of proper dolls! But I'm so happy that she found this teddy and I do hope she will decided to keep him.

Carola Bartz

Your story almost made me cry. A little girl with no doll or teddy to cuddle. Isn't it heartbreaking when we hear something like that of our own mom? I'm so glad that she found this teddy, he looks so sweet.


What a wonderfully poignant story. Some things are simply meant to be and I am sure Ted will appreciate all the love and care he will receive from now on.


Lovely story. I wonder what she'll name him.


That reminds me a lot of my late grandmother- she never had a doll either. The eldest of 10 she worked from the time she was able to hold a scrub rag. My grandpa bought her a little china-faced doll in the early 80s, the start of a small collection. Being the eldest granddaughter I now have it, and it makes me remember to be thankful for everything I have.

Brenda B

Beautiful story, hopefully after all these years or waiting the right Mr Ted has finally found her.

Brenda 103


Oh Alexa, bless your mum, what a wonderful story, that brought a tear to my eye, no bear should ever go unloved & no girl should ever have to be without a bear. I hope your mum & Ted the bear are very happy together.


Such a beautiful story Alexa, I too am thrilled he has found a new home with someone to love him again x


Such a sad and beautiful story, Alexa. I think that he must be a very special bear to have found a good home with your mum. He will need plenty of hugs, I suspect.

Bernie x


Those were the days I am told. You usually only hear the good in story's about those days. I know everything wasn't roses for parts of the population! I think it is your Mum's turn for a bear and a dolly! Thanks for sharing with us.
Vickie #148


Obviously he was put in the shop just for her! Sad not to have been able to have a teddy or doll as a child - at least it is never too late for a special soft friend.
My mother has wartime memories of her toys being given away to poor children. She had several nice things, but her father thought the other children needed them more. She was heartbroken when they broke them (and he said he'd never have made her give them away, if he'd known how they'd be treated). She's rather fond of the teddy I bought her around 20 years ago. He was hand-made and I found him in a teddy bear shop in Cambridge.
No one is ever too old to have a teddy bear!


Glad Ted has found a good home - your mums story sounds like my nan but when she was an adult she used to collect cuddly toys I remember having a great time playing when we used to go to London to visit - Think you should find a doll for your mum to keep ted company ~ Nicky 4


Looks like Teddy is in your Mum's safe hands for the time being but he will become a huge part of the family I am guessing. I never had a dolls's house although plenty of dolls when I was little but it is my ambition to have one some day

Lois Houston

Oh, I love this story. Just love it. And how sweet that your mom gets to have a teddy after all this time. I think he should stay with her!


It was meant to be - the teddy in the window, your Mum passing by at the right moment. I hope he brings hours of happiness to your Mum & thank you for sharing the story :)

Ohhh Snap

Thank you for sharing, he's lovely and loved now. #67


This is so touchingly beautiful. So poignant and lovely. Good for your mum - that she finally has her doll!


Ah yes, this all made perfect sense to me. Teddy definitely belongs with you ....

Tracey Brossart

Lovely story and so well written! Gorgeous teddy too!

Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for sharing! :D



Ok you made me cry with that story. Not because its sad, but because its a beautiful story and reminded me that we are never too old to have a huggable bear,
Happy belated WOYWW

Karen W

Beautiful story, beautifully written.


I've so enjoyed having time to catch up on all your recent posts, but this was the one I had to comment on. What a lovely, lovely story, thank you so much for sharing it. I've read and loved all your posts that I'd missed, but this is the one I came back to xx


Oh that made me cry. I am so glad your mum finally got a bear. I hope you are keeping well, just found your blog so will have a catch up today.


Hi Julie! Glad to be found and hope all continues to be well with you. I'll keep popping in. :)

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