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Wednesday, 09 February 2011


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So inspiring...such important questions to always ask of ourselves before 'leaping'!!!


Great list; I have on occasion posed that last question. We should all be more cognizant of the "stuff" around us.


I seem to be on a very similar wave length at the moment - and, no doubt like you, have come to realise that we can all manage with very little in the way of possessions and niceties. Sure, life is sometimes enhanced with a few 'extras', but for the most part, I know that we can live very happily with a lot less. I have found that items wishing to gain 're-entry' are under a lot of scrutiny, and, taking my time is making more ruthless ... a good lesson in that too :-)


Love that photo Alexa. Interesting list - mine is shorter - Don't buy anything, we don't have any more space!


How right that last line is. It is so much harder to get rid of something once it has a memory attached. I range from being ultra sensible and comtemplating most of those questions on your list to completely the other end of the scale and being just plain impulsive. I think I need to achieve a mid range balance.


I have similar questions posted on my inspiration board, and I'm doing a much better job of keeping them at the forefront as I contemplate purchases. I love the last quote and realize that memories are what keep me from ridding myself of beautiful objects that came down through the family, but will probably never be used by me or my children. They are so hard to part with. I also like this quote (not sure of the source): "The less you own, the less you have to worry about, clean, organize, finance, and maintain."


Alexa - I have "The Joy of Less" waiting in a basket on my desk. A few books, some class-related are ahead of it in the reading queue, but I am looking forward to getting to this one! One other question I would add to the list "Does seeing you make me happy, bring a smile to my face, or make me tingle with joy?" Anything that makes me sad, upset, or angry to look at is HISTORY!

P.S. LOVE the photo!


Oh, yes. Getting rid of things is not one of my finer points. Funny, I'm not a huge buyer of stuff - I just never get rid of what I already have!


will I use you a lot or just once in blue moon and do any of my friends already have you that i can borrow if needed?

All great questions however I am easily distracted my crafft stuff shiny stuff...well any stuff really and my mind goes a blank lol


Great questions! I am on a no scrapbooking buying spree since the first of the year, and honestly I haven't missed anything. I have so much stash and lots of great tools that I'm very content. I wanted an embellishment the other day that I didn't have, so I figured out a way to make my own. So, another question might be, "Can I create something similar with what I already have on hand?"

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