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Monday, 28 February 2011


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I haven't made a paper page for ages, I really want to but I know it will drive me nuts when the time comes. I am now very used to and appreciate the cleanliness and ease of changing ones mind in digital scrapping.


I don't mind making a mess while I create stuff, so long as I have somewhere to put it all "away" when I've had enough of it (the mess that is). I enjoy the tactile nature of "real" supplies and this is what has put me off learning to digi-scrap. It would be useful to have more idea of how to use PS7, which I bought last year, for more than just photo editing. I could probably make more pages if I scrapped digitally sometimes, especially when I'm away from home. On the other hand... I love the paper and glue and bits & bobs... I don't have a printer that will do 12" layouts (though I could scrap A4 I suppose)... I have so much "stuff" that I feel I should use it... I don't like the "artificial" nature of digi pages - things that look real, but are just flat images on the page.
So, my frustration tends to be more digi-based - I don't know enough to do it properly and I'm not sure I really love the results when I do make a digi page.
I think, in the end, I prefer mess and paper!

Jacky S

I find the total 'opposites' of Lizzie and Amy's comments so interesting.I know you tend to be 'with' Amy on this.....but I have to admit to agreeing with almost every word that Lizzie says.
While I would love to be a bit more adept with digi....and love seeing the clean,graphic pages that you and Amy come up with.....I just love the mess and tactile nature of paper scrapbooking.....it's food for the soul!

Paul B

Loving the different style of page there Alexa :) I think I fall more in Jacky's camp here. I love the clean look of digi pages for scrapbooking but I don't get the same creative release as I do when I'm making something from paper. I don't like mess or messy looks so I like to try and loosen up and play but still keep it tidy. It's frustrating trying to tread the opposing worlds of disciplined design & tidiness and free-spirited, loose & hands on creativity. I want to creatively play with abandon but i want the finished project to look polished and elegant. There's a Jekyll & Hyde in me and both want to come to the fore. I'm sure there's a happy medium where the two come together but i haven't discovered it yet. Px


Sometimes to me part of the enjoyment of crafting is creating something out of the 'mess'. I can see the appeal of digi - you can change your mind and back again no harm done. Not so easy when something is stuck with glue. However to me the digi turned corner could never replace the actual paper turned corner on your layout.


I think you probably know what I'm going to say! It's the messy creative process I enjoy (tho I am lucky enough to have my space which I can walk away and leave. I don't have to clear up every night.) Most of the time I don't know what I'm going to do with an embellishment until I hold it in my hand and "feel" it. Those green leaves of yours could be layered together and slid under the button - but honestly there is no way I feel capable of giving you design advice Alexa! It's just a pondering..

I'm glad my post got you thinking :)


I'm still happy with paper & glue, it takes a lifetime to change what you've been doing for - ermmm, a lifetime, especially if you enjoy the whole process! That said, I'm happy to venture into hybrid scrapbooking now and again. I think your leaves are the right size, I wonder if they might look better if they were moved closer together & positioned to slightly overlap the pp? :)

It's so sweet that you've recorded the story of your Mum & her bear :)

Account Deleted

I was also struck my Sian's post - and have started a post of my own on style. I think that some days crafting is going to flow easily like liquid glue and other days it's going to be more like glue dots - being pulled off and on, and sometimes sticking when you don't want it to. I think your layout is lovely: the colors, patterns, design all work for me. I think you told the story and in the end that's what counts. Well done; stop being so hard on yourself.

Karen W

I wish I had a photo of my desk as it looked yesterday while I was trying to create a card with new products for an upcoming blog hop. Then you could see what a terrible mess I can make, but I'm now well enough organized that I can get it all cleaned up pretty quickly. I'm still basically a paper girl, but I do love the computer templates. The patterned paper you chose is just perfect for this photograph.


Not alone! I sometimes have to sleep on things - maybe too many options?

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