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Friday, 11 February 2011


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Karen Moss

Love the surprised look on her face - I expect she is amazed at how much you have achieved with your renovation!

Paul B

Beautiful layout Alexa. A very creative use of gridded squares. I agree with you, Gladys does deserve a whole page to herself. Glad she escaped the cuts :) Px


I'm so glad that Gladys has found a new place in your home she definitely deserved to escape the cull. I love the expression on her face. Do you change her hairstyle too - I don't think I could resist. See you next week enjoy your weekend :)


Oh I love that scrap page, Alexa! Gladys must feel you have really done her justice.
And I wholeheartedly agree with that extra "condition" when deciding whether to keep or throw away...
Trouble is, I just haven't got that sort of energy just now, so it's building up and up... but I did organise my bookbinding papers on Wednesday, into some A1-size art storage bags that I bought. It will be much easier to find what I need now, as I only have to lift one bag from the shelf, instead of a huge and heavy pile of assorted papers!
Keep up the good work; but take time to enjoy what you have done so far!
And give my regards to Gladys!


Oh..this is terrific! I just love what you've done here with Gladys!!!

Jacky S

Very glad Gladys escaped the cull....she has already brought a smile to my face.


Gladys definitely deserved to make the cut. And she does look rather shocked about the state of the kitchen! Maybe that look will soften when her hair grows back. So glad you found my question helpful - to me it is almost the defining one in the keep or toss controversy.


Oh, I love Gladys! But love the thought of you conversing with her over a cup of tea even more :)


I completely agree with Cheri. I apply it to buying things - sometimes if it simply gives me pleasure that is a good enough reason to have it.

A beautiful page.


Gladys is beautiful :) Lovely layout Alexa.


Love Gladys. She deserves to stay. I've ordered The Joy of Less, but even before it comes, I've started purging. Our painting project has led us to purchase a new flat-screen TV which required a new media cabinet, which led to switching a cheap media cabinet from upstairs with one from downstairs . . . Let's just say, one thing leads to another, and I've needed to purge to make room for the things that I want to keep. Once the shelves in the living room are uncovered again, I'll be purging those shelves and cupboards too. Thanks for putting this project back at the top of the To-Do list.


Sorry I missed your earlier post, but I couldn't have added any advice better than that you started with yourself and that which others have added! Hooray for Gladys :-)


She is fabulous Alexa, as is her page. x


Gladys looks pleased to be back in favour & serving a useful purpose. Your page is sharp, clear and very eye catching with the bright green contrasting with the stone. Love it!


She's wonderful! Wish she lived at my house ... and I would talk to her too.

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