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Monday, 07 February 2011


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Oh dear ... we have deliberately avoided said tiles - ours are all 600mmx600mm and pre-sealed .... just to avoid having to use the piping bag ;-) When all else fails, you have to laugh! :-) Good luck Alexa, you must be so close now.

Karen Moss

Love your stories Alexa - it always makes me feel that I am not the only one who is enduring the hell that is a rebuild!


Or what about ROTFL? Because this is such a fabulous tale! There is nothing like a bit of grim humour to get you through a DIY hiccup. Thank you so much Alexa for telling the story and letting us have a smile too :) Much appreciated.


LOL - you write so beautifully that I was almost the fly on the wall :D
Hope those tiles reach the vertical soon and remember - there's no place like


RTFM is very often said in our house too Alexa, it must be a man thing that they don't bother to do it! DH and 2 sons always think they can just do it.
Hopefully you will eventually have things just the way you want them and your building site will be a home once again.

jo sowerby

oh he knows us so well, every story has a scrapbook page. glad things r moving forward in the renovating tasks,
Jo xxxx


You tell the best stories! As DIY is the usual mode here, we have stories much the same from endless improvement projects---none as daunting as yours and Amy's, however.


I can hazard a guess what RTFM means - and I'll never understand what it is men have against reading the instructions - but at least the tiles weren't completely dried in place and permanently stained! Our kitchen project has been complete for three years now, but we still haven't tiled the backsplash!


Oh dear. Glad you were able to get them fixed up. Hmmm RTFM - I'll have to remember that one next time something happens here - and it will for sure. :) Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle.


Beautifully told, Alexa.


What a great story Alexa, and so well told too. We also have had a few RTFM moments in our house, the recent one being just last week while dismantling a bed :-)

Hopefully the end is almost in sight for you.

Jacky S

Wonderful story,Alexa.....I also have an OH who only reads the instructions if something goes wrong!!!


Sorry I'm laughing - not at you but at the typical man you're describing who thinks it's girly to read instructions (I have one) ...........one day they may learn, till then, stay patient & keep your sense of humour!


Ohhh no, lol - sorry that happened but always something for a good laugh later! TFS!


Love it! x


How your story made me laugh Alexa. I'm sure it's situation repeated in many a household.

As for tiles that need sealing we had one or two of those (a whole rooms worth!)My hubby would sigh when he came home from work and I broke the news that the builder needed more tiles sealed ready for the next day. They were laid out everywhere in the garage.....one coat oh no! two were needed. Just think of the end result when it all looks lovely :)


Ahhhh... poor you two... At least you could sit down together and have an ironic-sort-of-laugh at the situation. We had those pale beige travertine marble tiles for our new bathroom. Luckily, the nice chap in the tiling shop explained to me about sealing them before grouting - and I had a tame builder on site to deal with the grouting itself, once we'd done the sealing over the weekend. Mind you, I still have to find the "oomph" to wipe off some of the grout from the white tiles lower down the wall!!
Good luck with Attempt no.2 - I'm sure it will go great; but I suggest sealing the tiles twice, 12-24 hours apart, before you approach with any sort of grouting. Ours were worth the effort - and the sealant brought out all the lovely markings in the natural stone, so it should enhance yours just the same way! An old steamed pudding pot, gloves and a small paint-brush were a good help with applying the stuff btw!

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