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Friday, 04 February 2011


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Cool I have to take a peek! Like both versions actually! :) Good luck with the heights, I've never been afraid but do experience vertigo lately. Blah.


Visually I love the second version, but I fel the first gives you more space to journal ... so, both are great in my opinion! That is a great photo by the way :-)


I like the 2nd one for the bigger photo and the font. I like the little bit of history to go with the "new" in the first ... I'm sure that there is a compromise to be reached!

Paul B

I saw the same video and it has obviously called out to you. Both your pages here are fantastic. Both are exceptional and high in quality. The first one has more journaling and reads like a story. If I was a few generations down the line and wanted to read the scrapbooks of my great, great, great granny, i'd like the detail of the journaling in your first page. Well done for going up the ladder. As you say, it might sound trivial but it is a definite, very real stomach-churning feeling. Bravery is overcoming the things YOU fear. Not what others fear. Px

Paul B

Oops, nearly forgot. I read this blog post from someone about minimalism and simplicity in her work too and her thoughts when creating pieces. Thought it might interest you.




I like them both too - they pull me in for different reasons. You have got right at the root of my scrapbooking dilemma here - I'm always adding too much stuff, simply for the pleasure of cutting and sewing and messing with paper. I love to do it, but I know perfectly well it isn't actually adding to my page. I'm completely conflicted! Mel and I were talking about this on Saturday.

It IS a great photo.


I prefer the original, it says more about you and will probably mean more to your family later as someone else has pointed out too. I did enjoy the article though as it reinforces why I feel drawn to your simple style of scrapbooking Alexa, I've never really liked the look of the over-embellished page as I always think it takes something away from the photo but I respect that others like that way of scrap-booking too as it says something about them and their style.

Jacky S

I prefer the first version.....I like the journaling....I like the white space.
Much as I would like to be.....I am never into 'easier and less time consuming'.....even when I try to be!!!!! Like Sian I love the 'cutting and sticking and messing with paper'....it is part of what I love about scrapbooking.
Though I admire so much, your graphic simplicity.


I am going to be difficult and say that I like elements of both! I like the larger photograph in the second one and the more graphic look but I also like the information in the first one. Just an idea but I wondered how it would look to combine the two. Leave the photograph as it is in the second one but add more journalling using the simple font you have on the second one. Andie x


That's an idea I could experiment with, Andie!


Great link, Paul, and thank-you! Hadn't come across A Little Hut before ...


Yes, I was wondering about how to compromise too, Jemma! Perhaps put the page on a flap and the journalling underneath ...


I like them both too - which doesn't help too much, sorry! I like being able to see the photo more clearly in the second one, but I find the text easier to read in the first. But I couldn't choose one over the other, they're both lovely (and simple!)


I agree with the others, there are elements from both designs that I like. Regardless, it's what you prefer! I did find your process including the video inspiring. Thanks!


I like the one that you made using John's advice but as mentioned above, it doesn't allow sufficient space for journaling. He was designing a magazine cover, you're designing a scrapbook page. What I would do is to use John's design as a guide (he is great isn't he?!) and then journal using a san serif typeface such as Gills Sans Light & in a space that 'sits' well in your page. Perhaps you could reduce the height of your photo as it is quite tall? Then, maybe have 2 long thin columns of text which are ranged right & left so that you get the central line he mentioned.

I love your photo (nice to meet you btw!) and your journaling is always thought provoking.


I like elements of both too, thank you for sharing the video, it may just help me get over my recent scrapper's block.

I take my hat off to you for climbing the ladder - I too am shaky with heights and I'm not sure I could go that high without holding on!

I am finally on the mend after my recent illness. Thank you for your kind words.


I prefer the first one as well as the story is more complete. I do like the advice though and have printed it out. Clean & Simple is something I always strive for and so admire in your pages.

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