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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


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Julie Kirk

I get that urge to clean up old folders and hard drives too, funny how it still feels like tidying, even though it takes up no physical space! Here's wishing you some sunshine to get those photos taken :)

Paul B

Me too, I seem to be clearing out on a weekly basis!!! Good to see that learning illustrator is on your list. It's a great piece of software and not too hard to use. It looks more intimidating than it actually is. I look forward to seeing your creations from it :). Pxx


Tidying up the electronic side of things always gets pushed onto my back burner. Happy WOYWW!


Buying the book - yup, that's what I do too. I have the "missing manual" for pse sitting right here and it's about the size of a phone book...

Illustrator sounds fascinating _ i bet you'll be on top of it in no time, and wowing us with what you can do


Yep, I have the same problem with Lightroom 2.0. I even have two books. I finally took it out of the dock on my Mac so I don't have to look at it. Someday I WILL get back to it. They've already released Lightroom 3.0. By the time I learn 2.0, 5.0 could be out!

Debbi Glennie

well good luck with illustrator - I keep meaning to swot up on photoshop, but it never happens
Debbi #39

Jacky S

Buy a book....that's my answer too. I've bought a PSE book....signed up for a Jessica Sprague class....and am still procrastinating!!!!


I like the skinny pages. We finally have sunshine here today and I have every blind in the house wide open so I can enjoy it all day in any room. Hoping you get some soon!


Oooo Illustrator! I adore Illustrator, she is my mistress. My finicky, frustrating but often times awe-inspiring mistress. I did this one Adoble Illustrator CS3 Classroom back in the day and it worked well for me because it had the book + CD so I could read then "see". Although I've moved on to CS5 recently when I upgraded all my computer equipment, and a few things have changed so that I feel like I should look for a CS5 version because I'm probably missing out on a lot of new features.

You've joined my project, and now I'm totally wanting to join this WOYW Wednesday!


I've been having a clear out on my PC too Alexa, got rid of no end of files that, at the time, I thought I needed!! Good luck with learning the new program and looking forward to seeing more of your creations along the way.


My graphics programs of choice is a combination of Roxio 2011 and My Craft Studio Professional. They seem to work well together, what one does not do the other does. I am also busy clearing off redundant software and info from the PC and the laptop, and generally trying to speed things up a bit. If you use Windows 7, you may be interested in a free program called CCleaner, which gets rid of all the rubbish we all collect every time we switch on or log on to the internet.


Good luck learning new skills! And I agree, I really need to delete a bunch of pics!

Brenda B

Think my computer could do with a good clean up and defrag, it's running so slow these days!


LOVE your journaling. It's brilliant and so honest. I learned what I know about illustrator by just playing with it. Former employer never offered any classes and never thought of it as an essential program but once I learned a bit I became the go to person for deconstructing art because no one else dared touch it. It's not that hard and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.


I wish I had your certainly, Katie! My track record on learning techo things is not great. But you are very encouraging and I will persevere!


Need to do exactly that!!! but I expect I won't get to it anytime soon!!! Glad for you that you did


Clueless, most interesting...lol Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy WOYWW, hugs Marjo #10


Love your journalling - I need to clean my 'puter up when I get back home - but by then it will have loads of mail on it - oh the joys of travel.


I think if I try to tidy up my computer it would take me weeks, so I just leave it>
Tertia 110


I agree with Sian on buying the book! I have so many lying around - Idiot's Guides, The Missing Manual for whatever, etc etc etc. All practically pristine! My ironing always seems to come first too! I need to follow your lead and go through files and delete duplicates - i keep running out of hard drive but I have "nothing" on it!

Sue Allan

I wish I had some skills in using my PC to make pictures. I suppose one has to start with the sofware and read the book.
Yes, it helps to tidy the hard drive..I do occasionally do that!!
sue xx 67

Tracey Brossart

Good luck with your project!

Thanks for the peek! :D



I am clueless as to why I store all the useless stuff. I need to clean out the computer and my craft room too!


lol - I tend to search what I need to learn on the PC - love your skinny pages ~ Nicky 24


Ah, good to take a closer look at this one (seeing as I'm reading your posts in reverse order!) I love your notes on here lol :-)

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