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Friday, 14 January 2011


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IKEA never fails for inspiration! Love the template!


I'm the sort to plonk it all in together - easy!

Thank you for your supportive words this week - I know you can truly empathise with my situation :-)

Paul B

Looking forward to seeing how you'll log your New52 stuff, I've created my template and put on the first two items. Sounds like you've got a handle on "flow" so far. BTW Brilliant template. Can't wait to see it in use :) Px


Love your templates - such clean clear lines - looking forward to seeing inky coloured papers in there too!


Alexa I like to hear that there will be some fabric work, looking forward to seeing that :) I like your idea of everything in one place simplifies things no end.

Julie Kirk

Going round in my head right now? The Beatles ...

"... Here comes the sun... here comes the sun ...and I say it's alright."

Seems appropriate, so good to hear you sounding brighter! :-)


Love the sound of the flow here Alexa it looks like you are really geting it all together. Love the look of the template and the fact that there is so much going on yet it is still YOUR very simplistic style.


The Ikea catalogue is required reading in this house, but I'll be looking at it with new eyes having seen this.

Onwards and upwards, eh?

Jacky S

Love the template you've made.....this would work brilliantly for a monthly album as well....lokking forward to seeing what you do with it.


Truly inspired Alexa! I love the idea that it can all go "in one place" instead of separate discreet albums - can't wait to see what you do with it.


That is lovely. Thank you Alexa, for a bit of sunny inspiration on a grey January day!
I think its a great idea to put all the stuff together - it will be varied and exciting to look at. I like your idea to look for inspiration from catalogues (or books?). That layout is very good - so why not borrow it?!


Another beautiful post - love the story, and love your response to it. And what a fabby template! Yay Ikea :-)


What a very cool idea, look forward to watching it progress :)


I LOVE that template idea & how you have decided to work it into your own scrapbooking for the coming year. Clever!!
And here's a toast to a huge helping of simplicity to guide us all along the way on our scrappy journey this year :)


I really like the idea of putting everything in one place for the year. Looking forward to seeing your first spread!


I can't wait to see what evolves. Almost all my layouts from 2010 are in one album, digital, hybrid, paper, 12X12 and 8.5X11. I'm pretty happy with it and plan to do the same for 2011. My Christmas journal is a separate album and a different size however. And I think it's likely that a class project like Me: the Abridge Version will go into its own album. Now you have me thinking. . . Keep us informed.


Here you are! Thank you for all your comments on my blog, every time you comment I click your name, but can never get to your blog... so I searched for you on Sian's blog and well now I know where to find you :) I love your ikea inspiration and I think putting it all in one spot is a great idea and less work. Great template!


Hi, and thank-you for finding me! I'm sorry it was so difficult - I will have to see if I can work out what the problem is. I know I've had problems sometimes if it's not possible to comment on a blog using name/URL, and someone suggested because I don't have a Blogger account, any link won't work - but I'm not sure about this - off to try and solve it! Thank-you so much for your persistence and look forward to welcoming you back whenever you can make it. :)


Alexa, thank you for all your kind comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them. Thank you also for the inspiration to keep letting go of the things that aren't working and that are getting in the way of other things working. I am aiming for simplicity too, even if not as artfully and elegantly as you seem to manage it.

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