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Wednesday, 05 January 2011


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Happy New Year to you too Alexa and I sincerely hope all your plans come to fruition - especially with the building work, having had 18 years of it I know how frustrating it can be.


Happy New Year to you as well Alexa :-) It is good to see a post from you again and I wish you all the very best for 2011 as you make your way towards a new 'normal' and welcome new life into the family! I hope the renovating is coming to an end, it is a drawn out and stressful process and I wish you every strength as you edge towards the end :-)

Jennifer Grace

Great page, I love the story of your Christmas Day walk. And the word 'flow' is a lovely one, which sounds apt for your year ahead. Thanks for your congrats on my blog. xx


Well hello, I had to visit right away since you visited my Wednesday desk before I even had my link up. I'm glad I did. Your post today is lovely, and I hope that choosing that word helps guide your year. Happy New Year, indeed!


Your beautiful page has made me think about walking in the Sperrins in the snow..

A Very Happy New Year to you too Alexa - may it contain everything you love, in abundance x

Lois Houston

OOOhhh... I love this page, and your post! I'm still waiting for my word to come to me for the year. I thought it was "abundance" but that seems to have left me in the past few days. I'm waiting for one to settle on me.
I love the layout, love your word, and can't wait to see what it does with/for you this year.

Paul B

Such a beautiful page and I love the sentiment. Here's wishing you all the best for this New Year and that you have plenty of flow throughout it. Pxx


What a beautiful post Alexa. I hope 2011 is smooth flowing for you all the way, without all the bumps, rapids, and switch-backs of 2010. But either way, I hope you are able to "go with the flow" and enjoy a peaceful year (with finished construction!).


So good to read your words again Alexa, Happy New Year. I love your word, so perfect for your New Year, new start for your parents and the new life to welcome into your family. x

Jacky S

Happy New Year,Alexa....and I hope this year 'flows' the way you hope for.


Beautiful LO, Alexa! I wish you and your family all the very best for the New Year xx


Glad to see you made it safely through to the New Year Alexa, hope things Flow a little more freely for you now.


PS love the new blog photo by the way


Great word for the year and that is a beautiful layout!


Happy New Year to you too Alexa, 2011 will hold lots of new beginnings for you and I hope will be a little less stressful for you.


Flow is YOUR word - your words flow, your LOs flow, your ideas flow. Here's hoping that good times flow for you & yours in 2011 :)


What a beautiful post and layout! I wish you the very best and a much less stressful year in 2011. I look forward to your inspirational writing, and wonderful craftsmanship.


That's a great word for you :-) And I forgot to say how much I like the new blog layout! xx

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