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Monday, 24 January 2011


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Cheri Andrews

I am intrigued by the notion of slipping a splat in the middle of an email to my employer. Sounds like a fun kind of "naughty."

Jacky S

I'm afraid my employer would find it very amusing....so not 'naughty' enough!!!!


Superbly daring ... I like the idea of that font too - if I had a boss he'd be getting an e-mail right NOW!!!!


I don't need any encouragement usually to be naughty. I love the splashes however if I downloaded them at work and sent an email I would be facing more than being a bit naughty. I like the thought though :)I may download Split Splat Splodge from the comfort of home looks fun to use.

Paul B

It definitely counts for your New52. If yo've not done something you are normally tempted into doing, i'd say that was worth recording. As for being naughty & having fun, I love where you're coming from. Being creative is about finding those self rules & ideas of normality and trying something else instead. Have a fun filled & naughty week. Px


Hahahaha! Love it! That notebook is fantastic and I love the idea of the splodges!


I say it counts, especially if you normally would have - which I would have, because I can't help myself from buying notebooks for some reason. I have a bunch I've never even cracked open but I just feel better having them. Is that weird?


It's naughty to lead me to websites that tempt me to part with my money! But a free 'font' redeems you! Thanks for the links :)


Oh that's a cute one! I LOVE notebooks as well - not sure I could pass up! ;)


I love how your book is turning out with the half pages for NEW52. Totally cool!


LOL!!! I love notebooks and wish I could say I've been this creative in an attempt to talk myself out of one.


LOL! Quite funny! I say anything goes for New52, even NOT doing things. :)


I love notebooks too and not buying one counts for sure!


Yes, not buying a lovely notebook is definitely daring. I'm now thinking of creating my own though :-)

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