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Monday, 17 January 2011


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What a great start and the template is looking really good. I especially love the coloured blocks - very stylish.

Paul B

Beautiful, exquisite pages as always Alexa. A creative and very practical way to spend a few minutes a day journaling your year. I've done something similar for the New52 challenge. I've made the template and every time I do something new, I add a photo and a brief piece of journaling. You'll see the first page come the end of January and see that both of us are on the same wavelength this year lol. Px


Looking forward very much to seeing it, Paul. Your page about the oranges is wonderful!


Thanks, Amanda - it's been really enjoyable to do!


This looks fab Alexa - just what I expect from you. To be honest, given that the pages aren't expected to be covered in embellishments (there is enough to enjoy with the blocks, colours and the photos) I too would be printing the photos directly onto one sheet. Nice for us mortals to hear that you sometimes struggle before attaining perfection though ;o)


Your template is just wonderful, Alexa, and the first layout is gorgeous. I love your clean, graphic style and agree that the photos and the color blocks are all that are needed. I love printing blocks of photos to add to my pages. I haven't got a clue how to design a template, but I'm thinking it would be a good skill to have. As I was waking up this morning, I was thinking I would use Cathy Z's monthly summary templates this year.

Jacky S

Love this template,Alexa......you've made a great start to the year.....and the colours all work perfectly together.


So chic, so stylish, so you!

I have been pottering about with PSE and am finally getting excited by the thought that using one of your templates is now a very real possibility!


Wow, I love this - so calm and peaceful and stylish. What a wonderful idea to document every fortnight and make it into such a doable project. So inspiring. Your photos are lovely and your writing style is so nice to read. Just lovely.

Cheri A

I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that you didn't feel the need to have a space for every day of the month. Some days there just isn't much to say about. I think a project like this might work for me... maybe next year!


Lovely, lovely pages and photos, as ever :) And such a great idea to document your days like this, with as little stress as possible but lots of enjoyment & creativity. I use the same Ilford Galerie photo paper as you, I really love the soft sheen it has.

PS Hooray for Herma!!


I love how your template has come out, what a great way to document the year without too much stress, hassle and pressure. I need to keep reminding myself to keep things simple and, most importantly, do-able!


Love it, as always x Andie


I really like the way the page looks - this template is going to make a great keepsake album of the year! Thanks for sharing.


Looks great! What a smart process!


Love the grid layout you've used, it works so well with the journalling page!


Love the grid layout, works so well with the journalling page.


Hey, I'm all for easy :-) Printing onto one sheet makes sense to me!

As you know, I'm documenting this year through Project 365 - as I did last year - though I also did Scrap Your Day on the 25th of each month through 2010, and while I don't want to repeat that, I did like the additional depth that gave me. I might do a 'Week in the Life' project at some point this year, I think.

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