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Friday, 07 January 2011


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What do I do? I step away, forget the lack of creativity (it usually finds it's way back somehow) and go off and do something else...even mundane household chores. Eventually, the craft room draws me back; I notice a particular patterned paper, some chipboard letters or a journaling pen and I get going again, refreshed from not thinking about 'how to be creative'! That said, your hammock chair might do the trick just as well as pushing a hoover round!

Julie Kirk

I just know you're going to be back on form soon - water finds its own level after all. x

I'm not sure what I do ... but I think you should let yourself off the hook and [dare I say 'go with the flow'? ...;-)]

Your blogging is showing no sign of being creatively weary! So maybe, while in that beautiful chair you'll really recognise your wonderful transition from traditional crafting - with tangible materials - to being creative 'virtually'.


It's the Laura Ingalls Wilder books I return to every so often

I think let yourself off the hook sounds like an excellent suggestion x

Cheri Andrews

Curl up in that hammock chair with a good book and escape for awhile. Listen to your body telling you it is time to rest and go with the flow. You'll be back before you know it and we'll be here waiting!


There is something so comforting about curling up in a chair under a soft fleecy blanket so that is where I would go. Those cushions in the swing chair look so welcoming!


Oh, January & February, most years, sees me fighting the way I feel. No motivation for crafting of any kind, housework works for a while, but if I would just let myself off the hook, believe that time, some spring bulbs emerging and the birds busy in the eaves will lift my spirits again. Like Cheri I think we need to listen harder to our mind and body. see you soon x


So jealous of your hammock chair it looks like bliss (I love hammocks). Enjoy your gentle rocking wrapped up cosy in a blanket hopefully enjoying a bit of reading at the same time.


I am sure there are many of us who totally understand how you feel right now. What do I do? I take the time I need, as best I can, I don't push myself to do things and I rest and try to heal. I listen to my body and my mind and follow what they tell me, as best I can. I try and surround myself with things that bring me comfort and let myself go with the flow. In time the needto be creative comes back and I find joy in it again. Perhaps that is why the word flow chose you this year because that is what you need to do for now, let yourself go with it, as best you can. Take care x x x

Jacky S

I tend to do other things.....and eventually something sparks it off again.....there again......snuggling up in that cosy hammock with a book......may well do the trick.


What a beautiful post! My tendency is still to fight, fight, fight it.... To keep saying 'I won't give in!' until I can't fight any more. And then it's worse than if I just took a step back in the first place. I haven't learnt yet!

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