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Friday, 28 January 2011


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Love your creative process Alexa and love your style. I am at the other end of the scale - if there is a space it surely needs filling ;o)

Paul B

Wonderfully captivating to read your process of designing. I love how you're morphing your style. It's strange, every time I read your posts, it strikes with something going on with me. The last few weeks I've been noticing my style is morphing too but in the opposite direction. My default is minimalist and simple but I find myself drawn to adding more layers and embellishments. And yes you've reminded me, my first New52 LO will be due soon (I'm off to do this week's experience later on today). Enjoy your weekend. P xx


Lovely to see how you create - that colour swatching is a BIG advantage of your digi/hybrid way of scrapping. Fab memories captured for posperity (the pleasure of your son). Have a great weekend yourself :D


Another fan of learning more about your process, especially since I find your final products so wonderful. That piece of the post was great, but I was even more charmed by the story on the layout.


Fab Lo. I love reading your thought process for designing your pages - very inspiring!


I don't think you need a book to design cool stuff you do pretty good on your own. I'm another who loves to see the creative process behind your wonderful layouts. Have a great weekend yourself :)

Jacky S

Just facinating to hear [and see.....I'm definately a visual learner!]the design processes you go through.....and the wonderful result.
I frequently wish it was.....but 'minimalist' is not in my vocabulary......like Karen, I have a need to fill space!!!


That does look like a fantastic book - but I have to agree with Amanda. I don't think you need it! A really interesting post.


Super layout, and so interesting to hear about your thought process xx


Hi Alexa, another one loving learning about your thought process. x

Cheri A.

I love the whole concept of minimalist scrapbooking. I think I'm headed there - I absolutely LOVE what you did with this page and the final touch of the screws - just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your process.


This is a beautiful layout and such a great story to preserve. I enjoyed following along with your process as you created the page!


I can appreciate minimalist scrapbook pages (heck, I CT for two minimalist designers!) and I love reading your mental process on how it all happens. I myself alternate between throwing everything helter-skelter and hoping for the best, or sketching everything down to where my wee buttons will fall (which is why I have a large notebook on my desk for sporadic sketchings).


As a fan of John McWade & CZ myself, I totally see where you're coming from....and going to :) It's a well balanced design with a colour scheme to match.
And bless your little grandson, who is soaking up important information & instinctively knowing when to use it!


I love the way you've detailed the design process you went through to create this page. Thank you!


I am completely addicted to your blog it's
so inspirational. I think I might even be in stalker category :-) As always Alexa I love everything you do and I am loving the minimalist ideas, it might even get me doing something again!! X


Great post! I think the colour you picked was perfect! I am with Karen, I definitely like to add more than one thing :)


TFS! Nice layout & cute story!

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