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Friday, 21 January 2011


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Paul B

The book looks fantastic even in it's early stages. Love the skinny pages. & Thanks for the link...will go and check it out. Px


Looking good already Alexa. I'm doing Kim's free Skinny Mini class at the moment - such clear explanations and an easy-listening voice :D


I'm loving the skinny pages too - great, slightly different look. And as for fuzzy photos? Definitely better than no photo at all I think: can you tell I have lots? lol

Jacky S

Fuzzy photos are mainly what I take.....I'd have little left to scrapbook without them!!!!
Am also loving those skinny pages.


This is looking great already! I really need to learn how to use my BindItAll machine!


Those skinny pages look great and I especially like them interspersed with the normal sized pages. I'm going to investigate the Kim Klassen Cafe :)


oh my gosh... how completely sweet... thank you for sharing my site .. here on your BEAUTIFUL site... WOW...
such a nice place to visit....

xxo, Kim


I love how you've organized this; it looks wonderful already! I've taken one of Kim's free courses and am now taking her Photoshop the Essentials. She's a great teacher. She's presenting the material in both full Photoshop as well as PSE 9.0. I'm hoping to have a better grasp of the latter when I'm done.

Sarah Utting

Liking how your book is shaping up Alexa, I love mixing page sizes - makes it more interesting! As for fuzzy photos, I have a ton. My Dad was king of out of focus photography when I was a child, so most of my childhood was captured as a blur. No second chances with wet film... But I seem to have inherited his fuzziness, as I take a mean out of focus shot too... But definitely better than no photos at all.


It looks fabulous, good for you :-) And yes, definitely better to have fuzzy photos than none at all! Especially when they help to convey the constant movement of a young child xx

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