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Wednesday, 08 December 2010


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Beautifully and effortlessly done Alexa - prevarication rules the day here however!

Paul B

Brilliant, love how your creative mind works. It hadn't occurred to me about pulling string apart! And I agree, in times of austerity, creativity comes into it's own. I've been busy making little handmade treats for presents this year (for fun but it's nice to know it's inexpensive too) and as always, I've designed and printed out my own cards (which in their CAS nature fit the cash-poor, time-poor box). Personally, I tell myself for every penny I save, that's extra to go into funds for visiting art galleries in London & Paris next year. lol

jo sowebry

that is beautiful use of what we have in the house. i am doing a mix of bought and made this xmas and things i've colllected over the year.
Jo xxx

Julie Kirk

Oh Alexa - your wrapping is so you! Just lovely. I've been wondering whether to make my tags again this year ... but you know how I struggle with simple ... I'm going to try and apply your process somehow though!


Beautiful and elegant. I'm experiencing the same feelings as you are, but without the excuse of construction. I have gone for coordinated wrapping in the last few years and love how it looks. I bought some great red and white papers in California and managed to wrap all of them on one roll to get it home in my suitcase. But before I can wrap anything, I have to clean off two tables in our basement, one of my least favorite jobs.


Lovely post and lovely wrapping Alexa! Since culling my stash down to bare minimums in acknowledgement of the fact that I am mostly digi these days... I'm not sure I'd be able to pull that much inspiration out of my drawers, bins, and shelves. But LOVE what you've managed to pull together!

I'm also feeling the time panic. And wondering why I do this to myself every year?


So lovely! We're all about thrifty here too - I suspect that being brought up by the war generation has something to do with it.

Jacky S

It all looks so elegantly beautiful,Alexa.....like Julie, I find 'simple' difficult....but have bought no new goodies for wrappings or tags this year. In January I bought a set of 3 red metal pails very cheaply in the Lakeland sale and intend to decorate them to hold pressies......I shall look our for more similar in the next lot of xmas sales!!


I love it - looks better than anything you could buy anyway! I often resort to PS, white cardstock and a few digital brushes - all hail the computer!


Clever and practical crafting - I love it!


Simplicity is so your style, I love the little heart tag on the string and the subtle touch of pink. I haven't bought any new wrappings tags or cards this year, I have to use up the stash I had leftover from last year! I must admit I have also printed off quite a few digi papers to make cards too. Now, what did I do with that ball of string........


That is so, so pretty :-) I'm afraid my giftwrap tends far more towards the cheap and cheerful!


OO how lovely! Very classy and thrifty too. I wish my family loved beautifully wrapped presents as much as I do, then I might receive something like this!


I'm loving your wrapping and you're one up on me as I've yet to buy the paper! I shall be creating my own tags and gift decorations though so at least I'll save a bit of cash there.

Jennifer Grace

Beautiful wrap and tags, I love the heart shaped tag. And the beads on the end of the string. The colour choice is lovely too. I meant to make my gifts look all pretty this year but didn't manage it with many of them, shall try harder next year! x

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