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Monday, 06 December 2010


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Alexa, the photo of the snow hanging off the lightpost is stuff of fairytales - wow - that is quite amazing!
We are at the other extreme with weather and I have to say the neither are pleasant!


Alexa, Yes, the photo of the icicles is just wonderful. I am sorry your week was not as you planned. Your beautiful Lo's certainly give your heart away. Won't it be a wonderful day when you look back on your LO & think, we got through it!
I'll send you some of my weather. Cold & Frosty but no snow! x

jo sowerby

wow what alot of things to scrapbook about. i can imagine ur frustration over all the building issues........i'll pray for a resolution. hope the weather warms a little so ur fingers can do some walking
Jo xxx


Absolutely beautiful - your "simple scrapbooking" continues to enchant and delight me. It's stunning stuff!

Jacky S

Just love the simplicity of these pages,Alexa....and the journaling is wonderful as always.
As I write this I'm sitting at the computer wearing a T shirt, a polo neck jumper, a thick cardigan and a coat....just need to remember where my fingerless mittens are as well!!!


Oh Alexa - I feel your pain! The icicle photo is fantabulous and I love your December pages. My excuses are not nearly as compelling as yours, and yet, I don't have a single page fully completed yet!


Oh dear Alexa best laid plans and all that eh! Sorry taking time for yourself didn't work out, sounds like you are having a really bad time of it and yet you still manage to pull something out of the hat so to speak. Love your simple scrapbook pages and the photo with the icicles is stunning. Take Care and keep warm. Thinking of you.

Paul B

Beautiful photographs and and a layout which does them a supreme justice. Makes me want to go and make a hot drink whilst i read it though. It just looks soooooooo cold!!! Pxx


Beautiful photography and stylish scrapping ... such a shame that the background story makes me want to weep for you :o( I do hope that things improve VERY soon.


Your pages are wonderful, simple and elegant. Wow, that's a lot of ice out there - made me shiver just looking at it. Great photos!


Nice to have you back, at least your building probs have not affected your ability to scrapbook so beautifully :) Take care in all that ice!


Beautiful photographs and layouts equally wonderful. Despite all the setbacks, you still seem to keep a much more positive attitude than I would manage! Glad your daughter was there to cheer you up!!

Lois H.

I just love your style and these pages are beautiful!

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