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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


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A certain lad I know is working at his very similar desk right now. Minimalist it ain't! I've been thinking about joining in on this one too - easy, fun and perfect for the inquisitive among us.

Julie Kirk

:-) I think it's a credit to you that you've kept yourself a restful haven amid the throng. It's great that you're still finding time to connect with your friends online too - sure proof that you're not going to go under! xx


There may not be much there, but what there is is interesting to look at, so thanks for sharing :-)


Oh Alexa! I love it - being the aspiring minimalist that I am. I only WISH my workdesk could look that clean and uncluttered!

Ali H

I just am SO NOT minimalist - but your workspaces look so calm & chic ! So admiration from a more is more kinda gal ! Good luck with the kitchen project ! Ali x (55)


Love your expression, Ali, "a more is more kinda gal"! I live with a "more is more kinda chap!" so I'll be using this phrase often - thank-you! :)


I consider myself a minimalist too - one with junk EVERYWHERE at the moment ... it is driving me crazy! Your kitchen sounds as though it will be taking shape - it does take a while to organise it all and we have had our cabinet maker back several times .... good luck!


I'm a pretty neat and tidy girl, but I'll never be a minimalist. I do admire the clean sweep of your desk! Good luck with the kitchen. That's always a big undertaking.

Jude Armstrong

OMg your space is so tidy!!Do your really Craft.???..lolHave Awonderful WOYWW
hugs jude##20


I dare not show my desk it would be hard to pick it out in amongst the mess......sorry creativeness. The badge is perfect.


My desk is unbelievably tidy at the moment, wish I could say the same for the dining table though! Wonder how all my craft stuff got transfered over there.Still at least I've manged to get myself into Christmas card making mode, not like last year where I left it all 'til the last minute.
Love your digital paper Alexa especially the burnt brown meshy bit.

Brenda B

Yes, you most definitely know what you are! Do you carry the minimalism through your whole life? Good luck with the renovation, sounds like it's part of a larger ongoing project! Your piece might just be for practice, but those colours really appeal to me.

Brenda 90

Julia Dunnit

Welcome to WOYWW! You must practically hyperventilate at the sight of my desk! I can only gaze longingly at your space. Firstly because I can only aspire to minimalist and second - I cannot with all good will, get into digi. Love the texture on that paper.


My desk is like your desk, inc the 'big mac' as we call it here! I am only minimalist because I'm too lazy to clean up around lots of knick-knacks & clutter! The building work must being driving you to distraction, you have my sympathies :/

Jacky S

I love the colours on your 'test' piece.....I hope you manage to use them on some project.....and the texture looks so real, I wouldn't have known it was digi!!


Minimalism is perfect, pity I can never be as I buy, buy and buy!


But where is all your stuff?
Chrissie #11


It's all neatly stashed in baskets, drawers and boxes! Though I try not to accumulate things ...

Kym Upshaw

One certainly minimalist desk Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I LOVE minimalism. I love nothing cluttered. I love your desks. I'm late, but I tried and hope you understand that late only means more comments spread out over a few days. Sort of minimalism at its finest!

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