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Monday, 01 November 2010


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Your words & photo are so beautiful Alexa, x


One box! I have trouble with one room :) Thank you for the page plans that's very generous of you to take the time to prodcue them.

jo sowerby

thanx for the templates alexa, how kind of you. hope your building is growing as we speak
Jo xxxxx


And a happy November to you too Alexa! What a beautiful photo. And if anyone is going to persuade me into photoshop, it's going to be you..


Yay! Thank you very much :-) Happy November to you xx

For us it's the start of a mad 2-month run of birthdays, beginning today with my best friend's husband, and including my father-in-law, sister-in-law, Dad, husband, son, brother, sister and then finishing with Christmas!!


November has gone far too quickly! I love the photo and I am now off to investigate this Book of December Days!

Sarah C

What a beautiful and stunning photo. Just looked at your plans for the Book of December Days. Fantastic idea and good luck with the extension and your parents' move.

Thanks for the comment about my cleaning fairy. I see you're not fussy what your's looks like hee hee xx

Sarah C

Oh and thanks for the great comment about what I do on my blog. I had a short spell designing websites for companies and absolutely loved it. Would love to do it for a living, but everyone wants qualifications and/or years of experience! :(

Jane Hakes

What a beautiful photograph! Your blog link on UKS didn't work, but I found you anyway and it was worth the search!


Hi Jane, and glad to meet you, and sorry that the link didn't work - I'll go and see what the problem is, and am looking forward to visiting you too! :)


What a stunning photo and I love your post.


Thank-you, Karen, and glad you liked it!

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