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Monday, 22 November 2010


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Oh Alexa - my heart goes out to you! Three years on from the day that we heaved a sigh of relief that our builders were gone and yet I still can't bring myself to scrap more pages about the nightmare that they became. I'm happy we had the work done and we enjoy the new space, but ... I'm glad I can focus on the end result and not the process - here's hoping you reach that happy ending soon!

Cheri A.

Alexa - I feel your pain! This stage is NOT fun by any means. The whole displaced kitchen thing sucks... especially when it is displaced for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Three years ago, my kitchen was finished ON CHRISTMAS EVE! (It was supposed to be done in October) Your mantra for the next however-long-it-takes... "this too shall pass." Someday this nightmare will be nothing more than a distant memory. Until then, remember to breathe.


Oh Alexa, what a nightmare! yes, remember to breathe...nice & slow, try to banish bad thoughts about builders, breathe..

Paul B

One day you'll look back on all this and laugh. Or at least that's what they say lol. Not sure I'd be willing to wait to see how long it is before you look back without a vein popping out on your forehead. Have you tried drinking copious amounts of Gin? haha. The problem doesn't go away but it takes on a lovely fuzziness around the edges. Pxx

Jacky S

Oh Alexa.....I am so sorry.....but as everybody else has said....one day it will be a distant memory......let's hope that day comes soon.


I can only offer sympathy; and add to Cheri's mantra with a favourite of my Grandpa's: "Nothing lasts forever"


It's really not the best time of year to be going through all of this is it? I'd concentrate on scrapping more of those lovely layouts featuring warm summer days. Sending you warm wishes.


Take heart - my builder has been 'on site' for the last 18 years. At present we do not have a floor in the lounge only floor joists. I hope your building work will all come good in the not too distant future.


Uh-huh ... hmmm, take heart from Karen, she has a lot of experience in these conditions and I find her to be such a cheery inspiration!
I can only nod in agreeance, sigh with a great deal of empathy and have an extra glass of wine tonight in your name. Take care Alexa, I think of you most days as my renovating kindred spirit :-)


Alexa, I'm so sorry this is going so badly. I'd be ready to scream in your position, especially since the contractors and "friends" seem to be so inept! You do have a wonderful record of the whole experience, though.


Oh Alexa, you poor thing, how awful especially so close to Christmas, just when you want to have everything in place :/
You have my sympathies and as mentioned before remember "This too shall pass". Chin up :)

Remarkable that you're still able to gather up all your creativity to make a LO about it though!


Oh, you poor thing xx I hope you can soon see progress and feel more positive about it all!

It's been good to catch up here after my absence from blogworld - your recent layouts have been lovely (as always!)

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