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Monday, 08 November 2010


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Sarah C

That's so brilliant. Love the photos and the journalling is perfect. Made me chuckle xx


I have no deep thinking about any of it ... there is either a story to tell or a picture I really like. I'm liking it to a visual diary in some ways :-)


Lovely page Alexa - I sometimes scrap a photo again and again and again just because I like it.

Jacky S

The journaling is just so perfect for these photos. I definately have favourite photos that are scrapped more than once.

Paul B

Brilliant LO. Graphic definitely suits you. Love the font you've used for the journaling beneath each photo. Intrigued to know what it is. Px


Love the font you've used Alexa it adds to the playfulness of the layout. I like the fact that little one is a smaller version, dressed the same as big one!

Sometimes I scrap for the photo other times for the story, depends what mood I'm in I think.


Fab page Alexa - made me laugh the way they are dressed so alike and the journalling is brilliant!
What I scrap depends on all sorts of things - sometimes I'm busy with a holiday album, sometimes documenting this year, and yes, sometime to connect me with one of the kids and remind myself that they once needed me! Having rooted through the ancient photos to find something I will then probably do two or three pages for one child, before feeling guilty and then start a few pages for the others so that they don't feel less favoured - being a parent is such a balancing act!

jo sowerby

this is so cute and i love how they r me and mini me in their matching jumpers. i just love scrapbooking any photo for the sake of getting out my prettyness and playing around with paper, ahhggg
Jo xxxx


Just look at their matching jumpers! Our Little E has just learnt how to say "OK" so thank you for reminding me what a great page that would make.


Oh yes, Sian, that's a wonderful page to do! My Big One's Little One has also learnt "Oh dear!", which is going to feature in a layout soon too.


SUCH a beautiful page! thanks for the encouragement and the tips ! I will be employing your idea of splitting the day up. I've already done well in Segment 1, so I don't want to let myself down in Segment 2 and especially not Segment 3 (which is the tough one). Your words are much appreciated xx


As ever, a super LO Alexa - so much can be 'said' with so few words and those photos are precious.
My youngest DGS, age 2, is coming out with all sorts of funny words, I really need to document some of them, thanks for reminding me!


Cute layout! I love the matching shirts, lol.

PS I tried to get to blog through comment you left and it sent me to error page, I had to type it - not sure if me or if your sign in link...Just an FYI. :)


Oh, fab and gorgeous :-) As for me, it's definitely random on the whole but often I start with the story that's speaking to me most and find the photos of that event, place or person that fit! I take so many photos anyway that I couldn't possibly scrap them all, but it does tend to mean that whatever the story is I took a photo of it....!


I can't think of a better reason to scrap; this is such a delightful page.


Sometimes I have a very determined thought process about what I'll be scrapping but often than not it is just whatever my mood is and with you mentioning it I realized yes, it can be totally about feeling connected :) thanks! and I LOVE the pics!

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