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Wednesday, 03 November 2010


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Uh-huh .... hmmmm, yes, I came home after a weekend away and felt like I was stepping into a cave - it was almost chest crushingly depressing. What an excellent way to document your wobble. Yes, it is worth it, they are worth it and when it is all over you will revel in the knowledge that you have survived! :-)


That worked perfectly!

You can definitely see progress..

jo sowerby

oh i wish i could come and do something to make it better alexa, must be tough living in a building site. i remember living on a building site cos we lived on a new housing estate way before health and safety. it was our playground, but the house was actually built so not so much bad there. hope the builders get their groove on soon, you need kirsty allsopp and sarah beenie to come and chivey them up
Jo xxxx


Documenting wobbles is important, especially as part of an ongoing story like this - and it is ongoing, the end will come, and it will be worth it xx

PS I CAN see for miles - miles and miles of interesting stories, beautiful layouts, fun ideas....

Paul B

Not sure I'd be able to cope as well as you Alexa. i'd be booking myself into a hotel if our house was being re-constructed. My home is my sanctuary & I'd hate it being disrupted. I'm in awe of you going through it. Just keep telling yourself that it will end sometime. And soon it will even be in sight. Glad to see you're scrapping it. Pxx


Great job with the memory flashes journaling. I love the honesty of your many feelings! Thanks for sharing.


Oh Alexa, my heart goes out to you. your house will become your home again and your strength to care will be waiting to welcome them. I would love to share a cup of tea with you x :)


I am a firm believer in journalling the wobbles too! You have to remember what you lived through, it will make you so strong.


Thanks for sharing - your thoughts and the pdfs. Always good to have a store of 'go to' sketches for when the mojo has wandered off!

Don't envy you the building chaos btw but I'm sure it'll all be worth it once it's finished.

(Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog earlier today :) Much appreciated.)

Maria Ontiveros

Just finished a page with this prompt and really loved it - found it really meaningful. It will go up on my blog on Tuesday, I think. Loved your take on it.

Sarah C

(((hugs))) and I'm sure everything will be ok. Just remember to look after yourself too xoxo

Lois Houston

I love the page - and I love the way you captured your "in the moment" feelings.

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