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Friday, 12 November 2010


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Sarah C

What a brilliant LO and fantastic journalling. She looks so relaxed there.

Got a confession, those black beads on my 'The Park' LO are actually a large fancy Prima swirl that I cut to give me more pieces. I've got the centre piece of it left and some of that looks like beaded lace! I have made my own beaded swirls before though using tiny beads. Takes time, but much cheaper than buying them xx


How long have you been under construction Alexa? I know it's been the entire time I've been following your blog, but just curious. Our six week project actually took a full four months. But that was three years ago and I'm definitely happy to not have a crew here!

Layout is gorgeous & so is the youngster!


Hi Cheri! As your own project over-ran by so much, you'll be appreciating the stresses. Well, it started on site way back in June, and should have finished on the 5th November. We will be very lucky now if we are finished enough to bring my parents over by Christmas, due to the incompetence (sorry, but it really has been!) of the external windows/doors people - hugely long saga. it'll be next summer before we get the paths and small garden entrance sorted. I'd be happy to have a crew here right now - it's the inaction week after week that is stressful. :( Hey-ho!


I love the bright summery feel and the red stripes that match her jumper. I'm sure looking back at these photos brought a bit of warmth to your day.

Jacky S

Love the way the writing comes out of the cannon....and she does look soooo relaxed.....we've always said that DS could sleep through World War 3....and he still manages to sleep through a new baby crying!!!!


Well, good for you!! Managing to produce something bright and breezy in the midst of everything is no mean feat. I love that nautical look.

Paul B

Lovely clean LO and brilliant photos. Love how you've cropped a long thin photo. Don't see many of those in LOs. And surely you want the Completion Fairy to come wave her magic wand over your house, not a cannon haha. Px


Just gorgeous! You continue to inspire Alexa - hope that's some compensation to how frustrated you're feeling with the lack of building work :)


Another stunning layout! Every time I see one of your pages, I'm determined to get going on my digital skills, but life keeps getting in the way! Love the photo of your girl on the cannon. I'm sending good wishes that the incompetence will halt and the contractors will show up!!!


Fab LO - love the contrast of the red against all the blues. Sorry to hear you've been having problems with the extension :( Aalthough it must be very stressful living through it, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end x


Great layout and photos. I really like the way you added the red border on the left to mimic her shirt.

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