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Friday, 05 November 2010


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Wonderful page and some lovely links - THANK YOU for brightening my night!


I love it Alexa! I'm all for text only pages and this design is superb. Giselle's pages are fantastic :-)


Brilliant LO Alexa!


This is beautiful, I could give digital a try with this idea?
Is it my hangers you have been talking to? :)


You're welcome, Jemma - but what on earth are you doing up in the middle of the night?!

Paul B

Wow, yes I subscribe to & read Before & After mag & I watched the same video as you but it didn't occur to me to use the advice to create a LO. You are so darn clever and you produce such beautiful work. I can't begin to tell you how much I admire your creations or how inspirational they are. Pxx

jo sowerby

oh my goodness alexa i am wetting myself with laughter here. i can just hear the chief steward calling you from the wardrobe as we speak telling you he needs a light fixture, extra paid leave and time off in lieu for his workers. i too have battle with the wardrobe, i have too much space!!!1
Jo xxxx


Wow - love how you've taken this design principle and developed it into a layout, I'm bookmarking this one to come back to and play around with myself! And oh, the journaling is superb, so much fun :-)


I wish I'd thought of those witty additions, Jo. :) Also wish I had your wardrobe - I don't think I'll ever be able to put the words "too much" in front of "space"!


You are very kind, Paul - but it's precisely because I have no training that I keep having to find out and adapt things. :)


Oh yes, Miriam - emminently do-able in digital. Think these hangers must all belong to the same union; told you they were developing consciousness!


Glad you like Giselle's work - deserves a good wide audience.


Oh thank you for sharing. I'm going to go right now and redo my journaling on the layout for Saturday's blog hop. This is exactly what I need.


Glad it's of use to you, S!


Ha HA Alexa this one certainly had me laughing out loud, have you visited my wardrobe just lately too? I like the white space idea, less is more and all that, you have worked it really well here, I love the little coathanger at the top bringing it all together.


Beautiful! You know I've been thinking about photo-less pages too and I like this a lot :)


Love this post and it left me giggling at my laptop - much to the amusement of those around me!


I'm blushing! Well, metaphorically speaking as I'm not prone to rosy cheeks unless brought on by alcohol! But thanks so much Alexa - and Amy - you have no idea how good your comments made me feel :)

I was really LOL at your letter of complaint to the Hanger Gang, I think they belong to the same union as mine. As for that LO, it's a gem!


Brilliant - such a clever idea for a LO! I love your witty storytelling and your expert eye for design x

Maria Ontiveros

What a great lesson!
Thanks for sharing it


Alexa - this is just TOO funny! I absolutely love your writing and the photoless page. Great job!

Karen Aldrin


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