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Monday, 18 October 2010


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I couldn't agree more with your sentiments today - my online friends are very important and I value their support greatly :-)
Alexa, your scrap pages are just wonderful, you have a great talent and it is always a pleasure to visit your part of the blog world!


Hurray for online friends! I don't know what I ever did without them. And I always enjoy coming here very much indeed x

The "brain-bag" is fabulous - maybe they should be handed out in schools as encouragement.


Thank-you, Amy, and it's good to know there's a like-minded community in which we can all share!


What a great idea, Sian! Something to counter the 'brain-fag' of constant classes with nary a moment to breathe...

jo sowerby

i love this page, it's so beautifully put together. agree 100% with the blogging friends as well, i have found some genuine friendships and you cant say that in reality these days..............I think Ive met more people here than in real life I mean. My friends have been supportive both emotionally and craftily as well. Come over at 8pm for the big reveal, you'll love it I promise.
Jo xxxxx

Jacky S

I too agree about online friendships....we can find friendships in all sorts of unusual places.....and blog friends are as 'real' as any other....and just as [if not,sometimes,more] supportive.
This is another wonderfully thought out page....love the name 'brain bag'....and always love visiting your blog....always so inspiring.

Paul B

Beautiful post, lovely sentiment & as always, a gorgeous layout. Love how you've used variations in your fonts to full effect. And I agree, it's nice to balance out friendships with people you see and can physically hug with those that can support you online. Pxx


Ditto on the "beg to differ" - I believe my online friendships are not only very REAL, they are some of the most important connections in my life. And LOVE that brain bag drawing!

Julie Kirk

Beautiful page and thoughts Alexa. Am feeling the section about knowing what's yours and others at the moment too.

You deserved to be on the receivng end of our friendship + support ... it was most definitely your turn.



What a beautiful and meaningful page, and a lovely post - I've been very much feeling blessed by my online friendships with other bloggers lately. Thank you for putting some of what I've been feeling into words for me xx


I think you've captured a lot of shared sentiments in this beautiful page. It's hard for non-bloggers to understand the relationships that are built by sharing our crafts with one another. Immediately, I found so much inspiration and information by blogging, but even I had no idea how supportive and wonderful the community would become. Thanks, Alexa.


I love your take on the magazine page, the colours, the journaling - all beautiful & as is evident, so very well thought out. It all comes together so well.

I didn't catch what has been affecting you recently but I hope that whatever it was has taken itself off somewhere far away!

Talking of which, I appreciate my online friends too and sometimes they make 'far away' seem very close indeed :)

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