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Wednesday, 06 October 2010


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That is a brilliant photo! I'd love to be in a little dinghy rowing out to check the cows :-)


Alexa, you made me laugh - we always used to go for a 'walk in the car' aswell! And that's also my favourite Yeats poem! I have a recording of him reading it which is just so beautiful and which is listened to with great frequency around these parts!

Julie Kirk

Beautiful Alexa.

To where shall I bring my bucket of warm soapy water and willing hands for the metaphorical hull cleaning? x


Beautiful new header Alexa! I love that first of all, then I saw the photo of the sign and smiled - I might just know where that is :) I think my favourite Yeats poem is his version of Ronsard's "Quand Vous Serez Bien Vieille" - I can remember writing about it in my Use of English exam many years ago.

A wonderfully autumnal post


Both the new photo in the header and this one as well--gorgeous. I have great respect for folks who can memorize a poem and hold onto it. It's never been one of my gifts.


Beautiful new header are you going to change them with the seasons. A lovely idea.


what a wonderfully soothing post, thank you :)


Ah, I also love "Innisfree". One of my favourite lines of poetry ever is "and live alone in the bee-loud glade" - it just conjures up such an image of peace and nature (though I think I'd prefer to share my glade with a couple of people!) I love the musicality of Yeats' poetry. It just kind-of sings...

Beautiful photo - and the "road sign" is funny, yes! I also like the photo you have chosen as your autumnal blog header, so calm and misty.

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