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Sunday, 24 October 2010


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What a fab idea! I love their little faces.

helena c

they are adorable and what a great invention at short notice

Diane Herman

omgosh...they r too cute...on the cards for tomorrow :)


Alexa, you have outdone yourself amidst the hurly-burley of a renovation ... what a way to end :-)

These are just the cutest little yummies and I know some young people here who will love to make these ..oh, and eat them!


lol, they are soooooooo cool! shall have to make these with the kiddies.

Jacky S

Alexa...these are just perfect....and love the 'recipe card' you've made to go with them!!!
I wonder just how many times a child 'remembered' to tell me they needed cakes,books,costumes etc. just hours before they had to produce them.....far too many!!!


These are super cute. I am pregnant with my first child and I can see these being made with him or her a lot in years to come. Thanks for rounding off a wonderful blog hop around the world with such a fun recipe.


The perfect end to a wonderful blog hop:)

jo sowerby

how cute r these? i love marshmallows, the shopping list is getting longer
Jo xxxx


hee hee, enjoyed the recipe card greatly, and i am already imaginging how yummy and fun these would be.

adding another thing to my list to NOT make for the sake of the state of my backside! :-) (because, as you said, one cannot just LOOK at the marshmallows, and nor could one just break off 4 blocks of chocolate! )


So cute! Love the way every face is different. My daughter (age 24!) took one look at these and fell in love with them, think I may have to make a batch!


A perfect finish! Just the kind of little morsel I can always manage, and as always so beautifully presented. Truly, the grand finale.


What a fun post, and so cute that you added the 'recipe' card for us to print. :o) I love this!

I'm always fascinated by the difference in food items from country to country. Your marshmallows are a different shape (larger on one end), and our Smarties are M&M's in America. That big bar of Cadbury chocolate looks devine! That can be found in the states if you look hard enough - though not as common as Hershey's.

A really fun post and a great idea that I will definitely be making in the future!

Lee Currie

Wonderful - a definite "must make". Thanks :)


Those look yummy and very cute!


How cute! And though I don't have anyone at home who would appreciate them now, I've saved your pdf (thanks, as always) since I know the day is coming when such goodies will be much appreciated!


Oh, these are gorgeous!! I shall make these with The Children this week, we're on half term :-) And I *love* how you've presented your recipe xx


I used to make something similar to these when I was little. The main difference is that I used to use cake cases and put melted choccy in the bottom then put in the marshmallow them a little blob of choc on the top to hold the smartie in place! Thanks so much for reminding me of a childhood fave will definitely have to make these again xxx

Jennifer Grace

These would be a definite winner in my house, they'll be on the cards for bonfire night I think. Thanks! Great way to end the hop! xx

Paul B

Such a neat Idea plus I've learnt what a Bonne Bouche is too. I'd heard of the amuse bouche at the start of a meal but not a term for treaty end. Beautiful LO, love the grid you've used. Pxx

Faith Hope & CHerrytea

totally CUTE & CREATIVE!
necessity is mother of invention as said...
thx for this blog hop share!
and for your visit & chat at FHC!


the success of late night creativity, these are too cute!


These are beautiful but I like marshmallows too much to want to adulterate them!


What a perfect choice to round off this culinary feast... and so dang cute!


These are fabulous looking!!!


seriously this is too cute!!!

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