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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


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I understand completely about preserving marital harmony in these trying moments!
The paper you have chosen is lovely Alexa :-)

Paul B

It may not have felt it at the time but it reads very comically :) You may not have scrapped a whole day but an hour is a long time. To anyone who ever doubts it, try sitting down, doing absolutely nothing, no radio, no TV & you realise how much can be done in that stretch of time :D Beautiful, graphic LO and the background paper is wonderful. Px


Hilarious-though I'm sure you didn't think so at the time.so nice to see this is not the only house where this goes on.


Love it, and it made me laugh this morning:)


Ohh Dear that made me laugh this morning, The sad thing is we have the same kinda thing in our house, nice to know I'm not alone in biting my tongue in the cause of marital harmony, whatever that is lol xxx

jo sowerby

this reminds me so much of listening to my parents sometimes and normally it's my mother telling my dad he didnt write something vital on her calendar!!!!! what an amazing amount u can fit into a short space of time, and so brilliantly written. u could give and french and henry a run for their comic timing
Jo xxxx

Julie Kirk

Love this! Am *so* pleased my Months In Numbers helped in some small way, it's a fabulous read.

I think you deserve a new carpet [at least] after all that. And ... did you remember to get any biscuits?



Nicely done; thanks for bringing us along.


a smile to me today. thanks - a lovely twist on journalling....off to look at her site


How clever to make it sound so funny, when of course at the time it is anything but.

Jacky S

It certainly brought a smile to my face....and hopefully to yours....once you'd made the page.




I completely sympathize, Alexa, about all the demands on one's time. I have to admit that I have not, yet, however, learnt the fine art of picking the battles in an effort to maintain marital harmony. I do find that using Shakespeare's line (from Julie) - "You unshape me" - does put him in his place quickly, however, LOL......


That was a jam packed hour. It made me smile so thanks for sharing. I think you definitely deserve a new carpet. We can start a petition if you like and you can pass it on to Himself :)


Beautifully and very cleverly written - I hope it was cathartic!! And that your day improved xx

Sarah C

Wow, what a busy hour. Love your journalling. Brilliantly written x


LOl - I think you should have abandoned the car after that start to the morning & got back into bed!! Hilarious! I have a 'himself' who is somewhat similar!
And I really like the design, a LO without photos!


Wow that's some hour. My guys always finish the last of something then claim they told me...must be a male gene. Hope you had a good day! :)


Ha Ha thought I was the only one having a week like this,especially when the chap who was coming to repair the hole in the roof didn't turn up on the said day!

Love the rounded corners on this and the splash of blue in the corners.


Great take on the page! Pretty too. And too bad on Dawn French & Lenny Henry - I'm in US so hadn't heard but am a fan of both.


Literally laughing out loud. What a morning! I wish you all the best, truly. Must be a nightmare. And man, I can sympathise with the marital mishaps. Great take on the prompt!


Glad it made you laugh, Lara - best compliment! And thank-you for visiting. :)

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