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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


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Well, I'm over the thought that everything has to have a label - it's crazy out there!
As I hang my head in shame, it is a big part of why I love the world of digital scrapbooking ... no need for the mind wrestling and frustration of repositional adhesive!
As I wander through the blogosphere it seems to me that 'perfection' is culturally specific - I notice a lot more of the latest and greatest and need it now type of writing and lifestyle in some countries and areas over others. Now, I know that is generalising, but it has been an observation of mine.

One of our greatest sayings in this part of the world .... "She'll be right mate" is something to always keep in mind :-)


We had loads of tomatoes just like that Alexa they still taste good!

As to perfection, well if we lived in an ideal world I would be the perfect size 10 with flawless skin and hair but hey- ho I have to love in the real world and make the most of what I've been given!!!! I think perfect becomes fake a lot of the time and anyway we'd miss all those little imperfections that make life so special.

Paul B

Actually I like the patterns and swirls in your tomatoes. As for perfection, I'm swayed by it and tempted by it but I know it's a flawed path to follow. I think I prefer aesthetics and beauty over perfection. Imperfection has beauty. And it feels strange as it's the second post i've read today on the subject of perfection. Here's the link i read this morning. It's more about business than art but makes similar noises.


BTW fantastic LO. :) Pxx


Tim Holtz is always encouraging his followers to 'embrace imperfection', which I used to think was a paltry excuse for not getting things just right! But what is 'just right'? If a page, a design, a tomato or a photo looks right & feels right to YOU, then it is!


Well, after growing up in a household which prized perfection, I have spent many years now happily embracing imperfection - but I think throwing away BOTH words is an even better solution!

I like the spirals on your tomatoes too

And I'm hoping to see some of your terraced house memories soon


I really dislike those blogs (usually of the 'celebrity' scrappers) that try to picture life as perfect. It isn't! All those perfect photos and perfect homes. Yuck!
Life is what it is - warts and all. What we need to do is navigate the less than good bits with an optimistic eye, learning from those situations/events/people that are less than optimal, whilst enjoying the good bits as much as possible. Life is wonderful, warts and all!!!!!


When I first started scrapbooking (and indeed when I was first crafting with cards), the mathematician in me strived for perfection ... things had to be squared up perpendicularly, distances were measured to the millimetre, very clean, very clinical. A mistake such as a smudged stamp or a misplaced speck of embossing powder left me feeling dissatisfied with my work. Gradually however, I have learnt to embrace the chances that life throws my way - things that look straight, are straight - nobody has yet taken a ruler to my scrabooks to check! "Mistakes" no longer exist (unless they are to do with spelling or punctuation, but that's another subject), they are simply gateways to an improved design. Even imperfections are now treated as a reminder that life is like that - flawed, but flavourful - just like your tomatoes!


I love your tomatoes, to me they look wonderful, just as they should be, beautiful and real. I absolutely love your page about time, so many chords are striking in me. x


Glad you liked the tomatoes, Miriam! and also that the Time page resonates for you ...


Flawed but flavourful - now there's a phrase! :)


I like your 'optimistic/optimal', Helen!


Here's to ditching them, Sian! Glad to find a like-minded soul :).


I like your (previous) definition of imperfection, Giselle!


Interesting article, Paul! Though not sure her goal of substituting 'Making yourself likeable' is a necessarily healthier goal! BEING a more respectful, nicer person might be though ...


LOTS of our bumper crop of tomatoes had spirals or "flaws" in them, but the tomatoes tasted divine and that's all that counts for me. It's much easier for me to accept imperfection in the plant world than on my layouts where I must admit I'm obsessed about having everything neat, tidy, and lined up. Not that it always is by any means, but I have been know to take a layout apart and put it all back together again in an attempt to master linear design.

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