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Friday, 29 October 2010


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Sounds like you are certainly battling through it! But even with that your layouts are still lovely, thank you for sharing!

Sarah C

You certainly have a great way with words. Love your letter. Made me smile and chuckle! I've often marvelled at how many different words there are with so few letters. Hope things get better for you xx


I enjoyed reading your letter, it brought a nice chuckle this morning. Thanks for sharing.

jo sowerby

oh dear poor neglected thing, maybe u can make it up to him. dont give him a penguin though they obviously dont work. are u workmen fully trained, only they sound abit off if even a penguin doesnt do it for them. poor penguins, they try so hard
Jo xxxx


The cutest little bit of fluff indeed. I just hope your pen tablet and mine don't get together and start comparing notes, or they just might be inclined to form a union and start making truly unreasonable demands - such as actually being let out of the original packaging!


LOL, Cheri! I think we could have a great inter-blog dialogue here between our pen tablets! I will ask mine if he (and it is indeed a he) would like to reply to yours ...


Yes, indeed they are fully trained, Jo - some of the problems are not their fault but happened in manufacture. I have been exceptionally nice to them today and thrown in some of my Mum's Bara Brith for good measure.They seemed soothed!


TypePad HTML Email

I don’t happen to know the gender of mine, having never
removed the poor thing from its box! And I’m afraid if I gave it the
freedom of speech, we might never hear the end of complaints regarding false
imprisonment, neglect, and the like.  I’m not sure it is worth

From: TypePad

Paul B

Words are definitely your forte Alexa. Beautiful layout design too. Very elegant and effective. Px


A bit of fluff can be a lot of fun! My contribution to the True Stories forum so far is a bit of fluff a little like this one - a letter to Google Reader :) Don't you just love making those words do exactly what you want?


Yes I do, Sian! Much more so than numbers which, as far as I am concerned, have a certain intractabilty!


Love that idea, Cheri!


Love your post and I do have a willing home for Mr Pen Table if he needs gainful employment. :)


I love words _and_ numbers, myself - I especially love words that have been cleverly put together like this :-) Funny, I received a letter very similar to this from my iron....


Love your way with words! I, too, am much more enamoured with letters. Beauteous things. x

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