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Friday, 22 October 2010


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Without a doubt the top two are the ones I am drawn to - they make something in my brain relax and just say ahhhh, that is nice!
Having said that, the bottom two express a boldness and strength and playfulness which is probably appropriate from an age perspective.

I am looking forward to your post this Sunday Alexa, I understand your constraints completely ... hey, a post about the joys of cooking mid renovation would provide many an interesting story! I'll let you in on a secret ..... my choices for this Sunday require very little cooking, space or preparation ;-)

Paul B

Stunning!!! As always. Love how you've shown four different colourways. Goes to show that there isn't just one "magical" colour combo. It's all down to personal taste and the mood which you wish to portray. If I were to pick one it would be the top right with the suede background. Mainly because I love the colour but also I like the high toned contrast. Px

jo sowerby

I AGREE WITH AMY, I LUV THE TOP 2 THE BEST. i love the way u have really thought this through though and applied design theories. it's very helpful to see it in action.
Thanx Jo xxxx


A useful experiment Alexa and so easily done with digi!
My preference would be the top right mainly because I love the colour combination of the chochamocha brown with the pale blue, I've used this myself on a lot of occasions, however I do also like the bottom left as I like the contrast with the orangey background. Love the journalling as always, boys do like to twiddle don't they?


My choice would depend on what mood I was trying to put across but I also like the top left for it's overall balance! There are active colours & passive colours; so, as the little boy is passive in the photo I'd choose the dark taupe to reflect that. I love experimenting with photos set against different coloured backgrounds - especially skin tones. (Green is not good against a face, esp children's!)

Have you read Jim Krause's book 'Colour Index'? It's here:


I'd reccommend it plus any of his other design theory books :)


Ooops, getting my left & right mixed up - I meant to say TOP RIGHT! It's late, that's my excuse....

Jacky S

I would immediately go for the top right....but do also really like the boldness of the bottom left and how it picks out the other colours. Love the journaling that goes with this.


Really interesting :-) I definitely prefer the top two, the bottom two feel too 'strong' for the gentle subject matter; the top right is my favourite because I like having that contrast. What an interesting exercise!

Looking forward to the food hop xx


What an interesting experiment - I love the one on the top right most of all.

My recipe for Sunday isn't really a recipe at all..


Looking forward to the recipe, Sian - mine isn't either!


Look forward to seeing you, Mel! But truly, please do not be expecting anything wonderful!


Glad you liked the story too!


Wonderful book, Giselle, and thank-you for pointing me in its direction. It's on its way!


That's a brilliant title for a LO, Lin - "Boys do like to twiddle, don't they?"!


Pleased you found it helpful, Jo! Fun to do, too...


Yes, I'm a fan of contrast too, Paul...


Glad you're not setting us off on a 'haute cuisine' trail that none of us will be able to live up to, Amy!


Well, I am definitely in the minority here, but the bottom right one spoke to me immediately. I do agree it does not captured the relaxed tone of the photos, so I might not choose it in the end. Of the top two, I prefer the right-hand one; seems like I'm going for the darker tones.

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