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Monday, 04 October 2010


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I started reading your post and that's just how October feels this morning - without the knee socks :) As I opened the back door I could smell a bonfire somewhere and the spiders webs are still around....Your three Rs sound a good idea.

Paul B

Another stunning page Alexa. Very thoughtful too. I've read that Edward de Bono book years ago & completely forgot about it until now. The whites and light tones in your LO give it a clean, fresh feel. Hope everything goes as smooth as it can be in moving your parents to live with you. Can't say I love October. I dread it as it's the end of long, light days but actually when it's here, I find myself adapting to it better than anticipated.


Beautiful! October is my favourite month - often it sees me Reminiscing about that first week of uni term when I met my husband to be, and about visiting my Grandma and looking at the Halloween goodies in the shops. I was over close to where she lived this morning and a post combining those - an October post - started to form in my mind. So this one had me really nodding and smiling.

Jacky S

I love the autumnal feel of October....the leaves beginning to fall....the crispness in the air....but still warm enough to enjoy being outside [I'm not a cold weather lover,prefer warmth].....but I am a xmas lover....and love all the prep....am definately fired up with xmas projects....and an online xmas class that starts next week.
Another wonderful page,Alexa.


I am awed by your digital pages, Alexa, and this is no exception. What a good 3 R's to choose. I hope all goes well with your travels and move.


As I lift myself from the floor at your magnificent page, I would say that I am thinking along similar lines - however, I am not so far evolved!

Kirsty Neale

Ow, wow! Such a beautiful page, and so many positive things to aspire to (any tips on the 'how' for most of them greatly appreciated...!). The photos are just perfect, too.

I've always loved autumn and October, especially the beautiful light it brings and the combination of sunshine and cooler air (love the sun, hate being too hot or too cold). It's also Not Christmas Yet, which is a very good thing in my book. :)

I hope you manage to ease your way through the next few months and beyond with the minimum of stress and strain. I'm not sure what your schedule is, but we moved in to our newly-extended house, when my grandfather came to live with us, on Christmas Eve the year I was 15. Despite the chaos and rush-to-the-finish-line feeling in the months before (my dad did everything bar the plumbing and electrics himself), it ended up being one of the happiest Christmasses I can remember, and a pretty perfect way to start a new chapter in our lives.


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