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Monday, 11 October 2010


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Now that would make anyone's day - what a fantastic and thoughtful note :-)


I love the note on the lamp - that is so lovely. I shall have to pass this story onto my DS when he is next home from uni - as a subtle hint!
Fab autumnal photo, the lighting is just beautiful.

Jacky S

What a wonderful note....what a thoughtful son.


Aw! What a lovely, lovely treasure to find. (And he's right too..)


That is indeed an Oh-h-h moment, how lovely. Rab is looking well I glad he's keeping you company :)


What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do. He must be fairly awesome himself!

Good idea about the sewing machine. I need a permanent home for mine too - it lives downstairs, on the floor, under a table. I never use it... I need to bring it up here, where I work most of the time. Thanks for the reminder! Rab looks well - glad to see he still looks smiley and happy.

Great autumn walk photo. Lovely sunshine.

Jennie Hart

What a fab thing to have happen! What a great son.....the photo is brilliant. My sewing machine is to hand......still sits there.


Hope you find the time and inspiration to get your machine out soon, Jen!


Ditto Amy's comment - that would indeed bring a huge smile to any Mum's face :)

Kirsty Neale

I'd say that sounds like a pretty perfect day all round! The photo of your outside space is beautiful, and I definitely need to follow your lead on making the sewing machine more accessible (I secretly want a vintage school desk to keep mine on...). And I especially love the note from your son. So very sweet, and you clearly *are* awesome to have brought up someone like that!


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