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Monday, 06 September 2010


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Oh my, thank you so much! I love your blog and am honored that you enjoy mine as well. I'll post the award first thing in the morning.


You're very welcome, Karen!


That's a well deserved award Alexa (though I'm hoping that, like me you really underneath it all think that cupcakes are actually just "wee buns")

A beautiful happy picture, just perfect for a dull Monday morning.


Love the "wee buns", Sian! Absolutely! That's what we called them way back then, and they were one of the first things we learned to make. By age ten, when visitors came unexpectedly, we could competently and quickly make a tray of them, pop 'em in the oven, ice them, sprinkle them, or make into 'butterfly cakes' and deliver them to the chatting adults with a nicely laid tray of tea things. Sigh!

Jacky S

And I think they are really what we called 'fairy cakes'....maybe more fancily iced....but I rather like the name 'fairy cakes'.
Congrats on the award....very much deserved.


Yes, you're right, Jacky, we also called them 'fairy cakes', when they'd had something done to the tops of them. If not, they were just straight 'wee buns'!


Oh yes, that's a well deserved award Alexa, congratulations, I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Those wee buns are also called fairy cakes in our family, though to keep up with trends we now call them cupcakes as well - given that it's fashionable & we don't want to appear behind the times! LOL

And thank you SO MUCH for my nomination, it's made my day! :)


What a great award, and definitely well deserved :oD


Congratulations Alexa, and thanks very much for passing it onto me and for your kind words. I love the photo of your DD, so fun and happy.
Hannah :)


Congratulations on your award.


A well deserved award Alexa & a fab photo too

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