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Wednesday, 08 September 2010


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Thought-provoking and inspiring, Alexa, thank you.


I'm loving the look of this already Alexa and beautiful photos by the way.

Karen Cass

very thought provoking indeed. Beautiful photos Alexa.


I'm always, always energised by Autumn. Is it because I come from a family of teachers? I don't know. So I'm less reflective at this time of year. And I've never been one for looking too far ahead - I was very ill for a while when I was younger and I'm continually grateful that I got this far!!

Your album is a stunner.


To think a simple comment inspired such a thought-provoking post. I'm in total agreement with you here, although I can let the past take up too much of my mental energy. You photo choice is just beautiful, and so is your album.


Goodness me this is gobsmackingly good Alexa! You have got the combination of design, photography and journaling just spot on - I love it!

Jacky S

I just really have to echo what other commentators have already said....and I love the graphic simplicity of your album. I too frequently don't finish projects ......I need to simplify more.


Beautiful photos Alexa!
I, too, am doing Shimelle's class, in fact this is my 4th year. I'm blogging all my lessons this year, as I don't think I'll have the time to make a mini book this month, and I don't have any digital skills whatsoever. I did try. Honestly. I'm hoping to make something up at a later date, as I do like to have a hard copy to thumb through now and again.
I am finding this time around particularly reflective. I think that by blogging it I need to provide a bit more info about the lesson learned, rather than just a caption to a photo that I have taken that day. And then, like you, my mind goes into overdrive...


Those classic LO designs will never go out of date, your photography is stunning! I'm off to New England next week, hoping to catch the leaves changing to all the glorious autumn colours & I will definitely be looking back :)

Paul B

Oh Wow!!!!! Have only just come across your blog Alexa. Its superb. And so many gorgeous scrummy designs. It's hard to believe you are not a professional graphic designer. You could knock the socks off the design world. I shall make sure i follow your blog from now on to ensure i don't miss a single post :) Pxx

Wanda Jorgensen

I couldn't agree more. I much prefer walks where I have to turn around to get to where I started from because I get to see everything I saw the first time around, but with a whole different perspective. It's amazing what can be noticed on the flip side of a walk.

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