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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


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WOW Alexa. Thank you so much for posting such complex and lengthy instructions for those who need 'simples' details (like me). *Ü* Whilst I don't have PS or PSE, I am grateful for being able to learn about something that I might get in the future and it will help that I already have some knowledge. It must have taken you an age to post and I for one appreciate the time you have taken. ~Glen~


Excellent tutorial Alexa - thankyou :-)
I had to laugh about your comment of weeping in a Jessica Sprague class for trying to open a layer ... I have had the same experience! I haven't tried this technique before, my version of PS is old - PSCS and I can't merge the layers in this way - I have worked out how to do it by an alternative method though - much angst and nashing of teeth over that one! When I get home to my beloved 'old' PSCS, I'll have to give this a go.


Oh Alexa, what a useful tutorial. How do you find the time?


I need to get photoshop, I need to get photoshop..This is a wonderful resource Alexa - it must have taken quite a while to make such a nice job of your instructions.

Jacky S

A brilliant tutorial,Alexa....thank you so much....and I still weep in Jessica Sprague's classes!!!!!


Thanks so much for this Alexa as a novice I can't have too many instructions, I'll let you know how I get on. This is when my two screens that I use at work would come in handy, reading your instructions as I go. Would love to see more tutorials and so kind of you to share your knowledge.


This will definitely work in PSE. I'm happy to say that although I am still a novice at PSE, I understood your wonderful directions completely. Later today I will give it a try. Thanks so much for all the time you put into doing such a detailed explanation. All those screen shots make it so much easier to understand.


Your instruction is not clear.!! Anyway, thanks for posting..


can you upload a video tutorial on this? your English is not clear as far as your instruction. Thanks :)


This is the Part I did not understand, Step 12:

Next, hold down the Alt key and move your cursor just onto the line between the Layer Copy 1 with the frames in, and the photo. You will see a little white hand with a pointing finger appear which will change shape as you click. Click with the mouse and the photo will pop behind the frames:

whats that??


Hi there Jb! and sorry it's been causing you problems. I've emailed you with some more detailed photos and instructions and hope this helps. Very best wishes, alexa.


nice about photo frames..

Steve Stewart

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