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Monday, 13 September 2010


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Bribery is well worth the try - maybe the work won't be done quicker but they'll think you're all right and help you out where possible! Well, that's my theory :-)

Paul B

Another stunningly beautiful layout. Love how you've split your photograph into four slices. Crossing fingers that your heat and water return to your home quicker than you expect. Pxx


Great page and journalling as ever :o)
I know nothing about gardening other than "everything ripens at once so you go from nothing to glut to waste" which is why I freeze all our raspberries rather than make myself sick with them and why we grow cherry tomatoes rather than proper ones! I certainly don't understand the concept of thinning things out ... is that 5 individual carrots that have fused together ... or is that one carrot that has split into 5 because of something in the ground?


Hi, and lovely of you to visit! Thinning out? When seedlings are sown, especially very small fine seeds (like carrot seed), it's hard to spread them out with the proper growing distances between them. So when the seeds germinate and emerge as green shoots, they need 'thinning out' - you have to make a decision which seedling in a tightly packed clump of seedlings is going to survive and which are going to be uprooted and discarded. And that's the bit I hate doing - which will live and which will die. I don't like the responsibility, so I put it off! I have often laboriously teased out the clump of seedlings and replanted them all individually at the correct distance, but carrots don't like being transplanted and I usually lose the lot!


Thank-you! I'm crossing everything because it's warmer that way!


Good theory, Amy, and I'll run with that!


Gosh, you are doing well Alexa - I think I might have retreated to a Travelodge for a couple of nights of heat and hot water by now.

Our carrot crop looks a bit like that.

Jacky S

Love the way you've done the page,Alexa....and it's definately a lesson I need to learn....but doubt that I actually ever will!!!!


Good luck with the bribery! I find it works well with family members, but have never taken on a project as extensive as yours. Love the layout, and a second shout-out about the way you divided your photo. Would you be willing to add a little explanation about how you did that for those of us just getting the hang of PSE?


How I would have loved to serve up that carrot as is & waited for the reaction! Your LO is simplicity & beauty, I love it. Good luck with the heating, it seems like we'll be needing it sooner than later.

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